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Touts masquerading as insurance agents on rampage



TOUTS masquerading as insurance and motor licensing agents are currently on rampage in various local government area headquarters of Anambra State milking people dry through exorbitant fees.

The touts are having field day following the current operation by the Federal Road Safety Corps and other authorised security agents in the state toward making sure that drivers plying various routes in the state have their drivers’ licenses and as well, valid vehicle particulars, as it would help in identifying any vehicle when stolen.

Drivers, especially commercial drivers in their bid to have those required documents instead of going through the normal procedure, prefer patronising these quacks, because these touts do provide these documents promptly to the admiration of their customers who are always in a hurry to run several trips in a day, more especially during this festive period.

Based on this fire brigade approach of these commercial bus drivers, the teaming unemployed people, both young and old and even some retired civil servants have joined the insurance and licensing hawking business where they make quick and fat money on daily basis.

At Nnewi, the acclaimed Taiwan of Africa, the headquarters of Nnewi North Local Government Area, these touts would be seen hovering around the High Court and Health Department premises  of the council causing nuisance and embarrassment to visitors who come to the local government headquarters for one business or the other.

The same scenario would be seen at the old government station, situated at Amawbia in Awka South Local Government Area of the state where these hoodlums would be found loitering along the road leading to the Chief Magistrate’s Courts and other adjoining buildings to the local government secretariat building. Likewise, they operate in almost the whole local government area headquarters in the state.

Some of these insurance and licensing touts interviewed said that they had been in the business for quite some time now and opined that people patronise them because they are prompt in attending to their needs instead of the usual bureaucracy associated with government personnel entrusted with such duties.

Patronisers of these touts in reaction, affirmed what the touts said and stated that they prefer going through these vendors despite the exorbitant fees they charge because they serve them promptly without the bottle-neck and feet-dragging of arm-chair government officials.

However, investigations carried out showed that these touts work in concert with officers of the organisations entrusted with issuing of these various vehicle documents either as a partner or as an agent for them to make quick and fast money on the detriment of the people, hence a five year duration driver’s license which should cost not more than N5,000 now goes for as high as N25,000.

Another shocking discovery was that these insurance touts have come to stay unless the government comes up with staff penalties to gauge them, otherwise, in the very near future, most drivers, especially commercial drivers might be plying our various roads with fake drivers licenses and vehicle particulars.

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