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WWE plans Cain Velasquez, Tyson Fury, Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania face off



WWE will use two of the most trusted shoulders to execute the two marquee championship matches at Wrestlemania 36. From SmackDown, Roman Reigns is expeced to be the main-eventer, while Raw will have Brock Lesnar headlining the event.

Alex McCarthy of reports either Cain Velasquez or Tyson Fury could end up facing WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 for the prime title in sports entertainment.

Right now, Lesnar and Cain are 1-1 in their head-to-head record (in UFC & WWE). So a rubber match would perfectly make sense. But there is a chance that Fury will eventually end up facing Lesnar (Brock Lesnar vs. Tyson Fury was originally planned for WWE Crown Jewel 2019) considering the outcome of his next Boxing match scheduled in February 2020. Here is more on that.

“If Tyson Fury beats Deontay Wilder to become the WBC Heavyweight Champion of the world, the allure of having a Boxing World Champion face Lesnar is expected to be too much for Vince McMahon.”

An updated report from Slice Wrestling suggested that Vince McMahon has a crazy idea to convert this match into a three-way contest although it yet to be confirmed. According to the source, there have been discussions of hosting Brock Lesnar vs. Tyson Fury vs. Cain Velasquez for the WWE Championship in a triple threat at WrestleMania 36. WWE has a solid reason to book this bout.

“The reason behind this triple threat match would be the idea that Vince McMahon would be able to promote “WWE vs. Boxing vs. UFC” for the first time ever. If this match ends up being a reality then it would be the first time that two non-WWE names would be competing in the main event of a Wrestlemania.

There is no doubt that the planned triple threat will gain solid mainstream attention from all around the world as it would comprise, WWE, the MMA and Boxing industry in one bout.

So we can definitely hope to see the likes of Cain Velasquez or Tyson Fury return on WWE TV when Wrestlemania 36 season kicks off in 2020

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