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Anambra holds health account study



HEAD of Department,  Planning Research and Statistics, Anambra State Ministry Of Health, Mrs  Edith Nwachukwu  has said that the state was conducting  Health Account Study for 2018 with funding support from European Union.

The exercise, which commenced with the training of 35 Data Collectors on the use of the data collection tool, took place at Parktonian Hotels, Awka.

The training was immediately followed by a 10- day field data collection from five  entities, namely: Donor, NGOs, Enterprise, Insurance, Government and Health Facility.

The objective of this assignment was  to ascertain the health care expenditure of the listed entities above.

Trained data collectors will visit the listed organisational units to collect data using a tested data collection tool

Mrs Nwachukwu described health account as accounting for health. “ We want to see how much that is expended on health in the state”.

She noted that the study was conducted in 2018 and  households were part of the survey and  they got over 90% for Out- of- Pocket expenditure that came from households as far as health expenditure is concerned.

This year, they want to look at other sectors and possibly project  the household expenditure.

‘ ‘The  enumerators will visit donor agencies like, WHO, UNICEF to know how much they have spent on health.

We want to appreciate EU/WHO, as all these studies were  to help the state know where they would move their resources and also see the need for increased allocation to health.

The facilitator during the training of the enumerators,  Obong Ekerete   said  the participants, having gone through  intense  and rigorous training,   have performed excellently well.

He scored them  on the average 80% performance, noting that  the little assignments have been very good and helpful to them as they’ve been coping.’

‘‘I think it’s one of the strongest team we have in the state, and they are now set to go to the field. What is left is the logistic arrangement for them to start the data collection process.

‘ ‘Once this process is done, they will come back for desk work  for  data entry and data mapping.

‘ ‘ I have been working in so many states so far, Anambra has one of the strongest health accounting team in the country

‘ ‘Last year, most of them have exported their services to other states.  This shows how strong the team is with this training again, Obong said.

Tochukwu Ibeziakor, Planning Officer II, Anambra State Health Insurance Agency (ASHIA), explained that  the enumators  responsibility is to collect data from the insurance companies and others based on their expenditure on health.

‘ ‘This will  help our policy makers to be able to know how far we have gone and also make policy that will better the lives of Ndi Anambra

‘ ‘ It’s a nice thing and will have an unimaginable impact on the lives of Ndi Anambra because without  health, the productivity of the state will be low.

‘ ‘  People are spending their hard earned money on health. This program will help bring out how much individuals, groups  and others are spending daily on health

‘ ‘This will also  enable the policy makers make policy that will improve on the health of the people of the state

‘ ‘ The study that was done last year,  policy makers have included it in this year’s policy. ASHIA has also used the result on last year’s study to impact on the lives of Ndi Anambra.

A participant,  Emeka Okafor, Statistician with Anambra State Bureau of Statistics said they  had to undergo training in preparation for Anambra State Health Account Survey.

‘ ‘ The essence of the survey  was to keep track of the health expenditure, the budget that was done for health,  to know if it is enough or not, and also to know how people access healthcare.

‘ ‘ All these is targeted towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC).  This was done last year and we are doing this as a follow-up to see if there are progress that were made

‘ ‘ This is one of the things that gave birth to Anambra State Health Insurance Scheme ( ASHIA). The government will use the result from the study for policy formulation and to know how much to budget for health sector.

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