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Group calls for allocation of more wards, sue for oneness



THE Oba Political Forum Committee (OPFC), under the office the President General, Oba Patriotic Union (OPU) has called on government to allot more wards to Oba community in Idemili South LGA.

The committee which also solicited for oneness of political parties and stakeholders, made the call recently at Oba Civic Center during her end of year appraisal meeting.  Presenting his report, the OPFC, Chairman, Ogonna Ndozie said that the ongoing enumeration by the National Population Commission and boundary location by Independent National Electoral Commission showed that Oba has become densely populated.

Mr Ndozie said that with current decongestion of markets in Onitsha resulting to influx of non-indigenes into Oba community has made the town the most populated in Idemili South.

“INEC while defining the two wards boundaries in Oba, proposed over 25 new polling units. NPC are still enumerating the houses and households and has discovered thousands of houses and households.

“There are over 10 new settlements across our community and its boundaries. They include Okopuno and Okofia Umuogali settlements located towards the defunct Oba Airport, Idemili  River Basin, Akwukwu/ Ogwugwu Oba boundaries.

“Also we have Okuzu , Isu, Abime settlements to mention a few. The last ward creation done probably in the 1990’s cannot suffice or represent the numerical or political strength of Oba community.

“Oba has only two wards but we deserve up to four wards compared to other communities in Idemili South and other neighboring council areas”, said Ndozie.

Uche Anyadiegwu thanked the chairman for being able to organize all the political parties in Oba to move the political welfare of Oba forward instead of party welfare only.

Moreover, Samuel Udokwu said that as election year approaches, the committee should spell out the desires of Oba people which any political aspirant would pursue to fulfill irrespective of party affiliation.

Also, Ogonna Obi stressed on the need to carry along all the Oba elites both in various sectors to present a formidable and united force that will attract more developments to Oba.

The OPFC secretary, Bennett Mbielu reported that every Kindred in Oba has been assisting the NPC enumerators by engaging the services of town criers and local guides.

Earlier in his remark, the PG of Oba town Union Col. Godfery Onyejegbu Rtd. eulogised the achievements of the political forum which include promoting oneness and transparency in the town.

Onyejegbu further directed OPFC to prepare their annual report in a written format including their successes and challenges so as to serve as a working document for the coming year.

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