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Cleric reveals secret to wealthy lifestyle



SENIOR pastor, Dominion City, Awka, Pastor Ugonna Emechebe has revealed secrets to wealthy lifestyle.

This revelation was made during a church service at the church auditorium in Awka.

In his words, “one of the most contentious issue in the present day is money but it ought not be so. But Satan makes it so because he is interested in what God is interested in. Satan is not and has never been God’s rival. In physics, for anything to rival another, it must be its equal.

“The only two masters God recognises is money and Himself. it is made clear that money (mammon) seeks to be served by mankind. Until your money joins in your worship onto God, you’re not yet set to worship him. In genuine worship, anything you can’t give to God has become your god.

Two most important books in life are your bible, it shows you where God is, and your cheque book, it shows you where your money is.”

The cleric warns Christians to be careful of their material possessions which if not properly handled, steals their confidence and trust from God. “One of the key factors that guarantee healthy finance is “knowing the vision for money.

Many do not know that money has a purpose. When its purpose is unknown, abuse is certain. When there is an abuse of it like any other, it vanishes.

“Many of us are abusing money and dishonouring God. Money is a beautiful servant but a terrible Master, Exo32:1-5. When you don’t understand the purpose of money, you will always end up in idolatry.



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