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Transparency, accountability drives economy – Onwuli



THE need for government transactions to be premised on transparency and accountability has been stressed. 

Anambra State Auditor-General,  Alexander Onwuli, stated this at 2019 Audit Forum Reports of the Government of Anambra State for 2015-2018 Financial Years, organised for stakeholders in collaboration with the State and Local Governance Reform Project (SLOGOR) with the theme: “Transparency, Probity and Accountability in the Conduct of Governance of Business: A Panacea for Good Governance,” held in Awka.

Mr. Onwuli, who noted that the workshop will be organised every year said the forum was a key component of Public Financial Management System which includes all phases of budget cycle which must run in agreement with government policy objective to engender performance, probity and accountability and draw from feedback of lessons learnt to improve finance control, good governance and service delivery.”

He urged participants to regard the workshop as a way of bringing on individuals and collective ideas, knowledge and experiences that will guide their discussion towards making the state to occupy a pride of place among the states in Nigeria.

In his address of welcome, Project Coordinator, State and Local Governance Reform (SLOGOR), Mr. Kingsley Orji, described the workshop as apt and maintained that corruption is a key element in economic under-performance of our country Nigeria and most of the 36 states of the federation.

“Recent studies in Development Economic have shown that lack transparency and accountability in the leadership of developing nations has been the most significant and underlying cause of severe poverty in these nations,” he said.

A resource person, and a chartered accountant,  Obi Okechukwu, in his paper titled, Public Sector Accounting: The Imperatives of Transparency and Accountability in the conduct of Government Business,” argued that lack of transparency and accountability in the leadership of developing countries especially in African countries have enthroned severe poverty and under- development in the countries.

Mr. Okechukwu blamed corruption as the catalyst for the weak financial system in the country.

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