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Enugu: Many injured as police, army clash



HELL was let loose as soldiers and police clash over alleged slapping of an army officer by a policeman at Abakpa-Nike, Enugu, Enugu State.

Trouble started when the soldier who was not in uniform approached  a police man to ascertain why he was passing motorists in a particular lane, leaving motorists in two other lanes thereby causing heavy traffic log jam.

No sooner had the policeman gave the soldier, who he mistook to be a civilian slaps than the military man put a call to his colleagues who trooped to the scene, St Theresa Catholic Church, near Abakpa Market in a truck.

As soon as they alighted from the vehicle that conveyed them, they went straight to the police man and started beating him which attracted other policemen close by.

Many civilians who ran for their lives got injured while some policemen also sustained injuries as a result of the fight.

National Light reporter who witnessed the incident tried to interview one of the policemen who declined to grant interview. However, a trader, who gave his name as Jude Nnaji described the incident as most unfortunate and called on the authorities of army and police to always caution their men to restrain from violence of any kind.

He observed that this kind of incident could have been avoided if security operatives are usually polite while dealing with people irrespective of class, profession, religion and ethnic leanings.

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