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Ezeuzu Awka alerts of rise in cultism



IGWE Gibson Nwosu, Ezeuzu Awka, has called on Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano to come to the rescue of the indigenes of and the residents in the ancient Awka kingdom over the incessant massive killing of innocent citizens by those he described as desperadoes and miscreants under the guise of cultism.

Ezeuzu while decrying the wanton shedding of human blood and other security threats posed by these cultists, stressed the need to end this menace. According to him, the people of Awka believe in the maintenance of law and order, the preservation and promotion of their culture and tradition as well as ensuring the existence of cordial relations between the people, state government and other related agencies.

However, Nwosu decried the astronomical rise in cult related activities and killings in Awka town. Nwosu noted that it is disheartening to observe that the reckless brutal gangsterism in and around us is a deadly keg of gun-powder that can consume everyone if drastic action is not taken now to arrest it.

This is not only disturbing and unacceptable but touches on the sensibilities of the town. It paints the image of our noble town black and presents us as a bloodletting generation. We condemn in its entirety, this ugly trend which we must fight together”.

The royal father who extended the condolences of Awka people to the families of all those innocent people hacked down by the cancerous monster ad mayhem called cultism, called on the government relevant agencies to fish out and prosecute the perpetrators of such heinous atrocities to serve as deterrent to their partners in crime.

This he said if done would make the environment safe and the youths in particular and the aged to understand that spilling of blood is not in the character of Onye Awka and also by extension across Igbo land.

“We must neither be part of it nor allow strangers in our midst to lure our people into such. I therefore, call on the government at all levels and the police to do the needful now because a lot of people are no longer comfortable believing that silence more often than not means acquiescence. We cannot continue like this as a people,” the traditional ruler enthused.

The EzeUzu II of Awka kingdom further called on the governor of Anambra State, Chief Dr Willie Obiano and other relevant security agencies to do the needful by bringing to book and under control, the activities and antics of some disgruntled Awka people who had not only taken laws into their hands but had decided to make nonsense of the giant strides great Awka men and women had over the years, gloriously achieved, which they did through untamed ambition, unguided self-proclamations and unbridled usurpation of power and its concomitant comical and serious manifestations.

In his words, “the naked attempt to usurp Ezeuzu throne by some disgruntled and recalcitrant elements in Awka town is not only unfortunate, confrontational, an affront to the laws of the land and the state but also a declaration of war.

The comical but continuous invasion of our collective consciousness and domain by someone who calls himself “Ezeuzu III” is the height of that lawlessness.

We thought that those comical displays would have faded by now but the madness is currently getting out of hand. There are rules to everything and there cannot be two captains in one ship; the Ezeuzu stool is not yet vacant. Their action is a show of naked arrogance and confrontation to Awka customs, tradition and constitution, as well as the laws of the state.

“To wait till breakdown of law and order in the state capital is dangerous, and to allow such madness to go on right in the centre of the state is an invitation to anarchy and ugly precedence. While I still extend my olive branch to the dissidents, I call on all hands to be on deck in this direction,” the royal father emphasised.

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