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Obiano declares 2020 Nigeria’s coming-of-age year



GOVERNOR of Anambra State, Willie Obiano has called on Nigerians to show love and peace to one another in the New Year.

In a New Year Message, Obiano stated that year 2020 marks the beginning of another decade and ought to be regarded as Nigeria’s-coming-of-age-year by the entire citizenry.

Bemoaning the numerous challenges that tested the country’s unity in the out-gone year, Obiano opined that the ties that bind the different ethnicities in the country together as one are stronger than the forces that seek to force them apart.

Recalling the country’s tortuous journey to nationhood, Governor Obiano observed that some time ago, Nigerians gathered together to envision a greater future for the country.

“That gathering was called the Vision 2020 Committee which prophetically declared that ‘by 2020, Nigeria will be one of the 20 largest economies in the world, able to consolidate its leadership role in Africa and establish itself as a significant player in the global economic and political arena.’ Today, much of the Vision has not been realized. But there is still a lot of hope for Nigeria”.

He urged Nigerians to keep holding on to the dream of a prosperous, strong and united country that will earn the respect of the civilized world. Turning his attention to issues concerning Anambra State, Governor Obiano declared that the New Year is a year of consolidation for the state.

Said he: “Anyone who has closely observed what we are doing in Anambra State can testify that Anambra has recorded impressive development in the past five and a half years of my regime. We have given our people back their pride. We have demonstrated undeniable capacity to lead the quest for a better Nigeria.”

Pointing at the exploits of the state in the educational sector, Governor Obiano opined that Anambra children have made the most of the opportunities offered by the state government and have announced the readiness of the state to compete with the rest of the world in the field of science, technology and innovation.

He also pointed at the phenomenal growth in the agricultural sector as well as the vastly expanding infrastructural base of the state.

The governor assured of the commitment of his administration to the policies and practices that have made Anambra Nigeria’s safest state and a model of excellence in the country.

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