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Pa Ezenwa begins journey to eternity



THE earth is not any human’s permanent home. Whatever we do here and how long we live is only for a brief moment compared to eternity. The more we wish to stay, somehow and someday, we must bid the earth goodbye. Death is inevitable and as humans, we can’t do much to overturn that, it is a call everyone must answer but there is another life after death.

  Archbishop Province of the Niger and Bishop Anglican Dioceses of Awka, Most Rev. Alexander Ibezim stated this in his words of encouragement to the  late Elder Pius Ezenwa’s family at their residence at Umuanaga, Awka, before the deceased funeral service. Bishop Ibezim urged those crying to stop but to run the race of salvation to the end, “Pa Pius Ezenwa devoted his life serving God. I urge you to run the race of salvation with all diligence. What this tells us is that the earth is not our permanent home,” he said.

  In his homily, titled God’s Greatest Gift to Mankind at St Augustine’s Anglican Church Umuanaga, Awka, Rev Godwin Chukwuemeka, said death was not the end of any mortal but its beginning. “The greatest gift God gave to mankind is Himself, and it’s a priceless gift, so let’s not mourn as people without hope.”

  The son of the deceased, Chukwunenye Ezenwa described his father as a great man. A man of peace, who would go out of his way to ensure that peace reigns. He wants everybody to be at peace with one another.” When you are around him you will enjoy the kind of man he was. He was a jovial person. He suffered to raise his children. Now that we are successful for him to enjoy the fruit of his labour, he passed on.”

  Gloria Modozie, the second daughter of the late Elder Ezenwa said her father was an icon of  peace, a kind man that lived a good life.” I missed him in flesh but not in Spirit. I imbibed peace, truthfulness, and integrity from him. He left a legacy that is imprinted on our memory. He shall forever live in our memories.”

  A nephew, Pastor Emeka Ezenwa, while describing his uncle as a good man said he couldn’t believe that he was gone.” I will never forget the good counsels he  gave to me and I promise to live by it.”

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