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Poultry farming should be made priority – Udeorah



A POULTRY farmer, Obinna Udeorah has called on the government, especially South-East government to make poultry farming a priority, adding that a conducive atmosphere paramount if poultry farming will thrive in Nigeria. 

  Udeorah made this call during an interview with National Light. According to him, there is great need for the government, especially Anambra State government to intensify efforts towards making the business booms.

“I can still say that state governments are trying but their efforts are not enough, especially the South East Governors. Imagine, it is only a mini-hatchery, the “Sun-chi” at Enugu which is not enough that is in the South East. As it stands now, a day old chick costs between N410 because there is no hatchery around. We book our birds from Ibadan, Oyo State, so the price fluctuates due to the demands of the market at any given time.

“Then the same thing goes to the feeds. You see, government is sharing money in the name of grants or in whatever form it comes, but it cannot come to the grassroots and no grassroots farmer can boast of any support from government or politicians.”

He disclosed that some of them in the business have packed up because of frustrations adding  that if government build something like feed mill, they can be helping or subsidizing the price of the feeds, since a bag of feed stands at the range of N3000-N5000.

Mr Udeorah said, “we are not asking government to come and give us money rather, there are other areas where government can come in; at least creating a conducive atmosphere for people like us to belong. As you can see right now, the big issue is the minimum-wage because a whole lot of people are focusing on civil service.

It shows that government is bent only on civil servants. Let’s take the hatchery for instance, when the hatchery is in place, it will create employment and those poultry farmers that hope on the hatchery will then create theirs and the feed mill will also take youths out from the street.

So the mill will be creating feeds not only for poultry but for other farms. So in all, I call it unseriousness on the part of the government, because if they mean business, you trace farmers down to the farm.

“The other time, Edo State Government partnered with Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). They followed every farmer to his farm. If your farm can contain 700 birds, you will be supplied with 700 birds, adequate drugs for the 700 and also feeds, and that is the type of thing we are advocating and not monetising it.

It must surely get to the wrong hands. A grassroots farmer do not have enough to buy feeds for his birds let alone having money to register at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)”.

Mr. Udeora also maintained that the era of civil service is over and that government should think more towards agriculture, adding that no strength in civil service can build the economy of a state or nation over agriculture.

He further said that government should make agriculture attractive to engage the young school leavers, so that the unemployment rate will be reduced drastically .He advised that government should stop the idea of monetising things in agriculture for the benefit of genuine farmers.

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