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Chelsea’s winter break plans revealed



The Premier League has their first two weeks’ break next month with Chelsea playing Leicester on February 1 and then Manchester United on February 17

Frank Lampard has revealed that Chelsea will not be travelling for warm weather training during their first winter break.

After the Blues take on Leicester City on February 1, they will have a little over two weeks’ off before hosting Manchester United on February 17 in their next Premier League match.

It’s the first time the English league has had a winter break, and there had been a suggestion that the Blues could head off to warmer climates to train.

However, Lampard has stated that won’t be the case for his team and that it will be a good chance for his players to have some time to rest.

“The players will have some time off, get some rest, we are not going to travel to train anywhere,” Lampard stated.

“The players will get some rest and I will let them be with their families, go back to their countries or whatever, their choice, and then we will be back here to train and have a good portion of, not a mini pre-season, but there will be some hard work.

“But they will get some rest, no warm weather work.”

However, Lampard’s best-laid plans might well be scuppered by the FA Cup if the Blues do not get a win this evening against Hull City.

In the prestigious competition, there are still replays in the fourth round, so if Chelsea can only get a draw at the KCOM Stadium the two teams will do battle again at Stamford Bridge.

That match would likely take place the week after the Leicester match, which would mean the Blues would have to play a game during their scheduled time off.

Something that Lampard believes could well be a disruption to the plans that he had put in place.

“Yes possibly I don’t know the schedule as to where they could have put it,” Lampard added.

“Was there somewhere else they could have put those games, but yes, what I do know is that when we get back we go into a busy period of big, big games for us that then go into the Champions League as well.

“It will affect our break if that happens and I’m hoping, guessing that there was nowhere else to put that game, is it happens.”

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