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Cohabitation: Big challenge for undergraduates



ON FIRST penetration into my naïve ears, the word ‘Cohabitation’ sounded so strange to me. Enveloped by thoughts, I questioned why I heard it the first time in the university environment, despite my self-adjudged extroversion, having visited and lived in many places before finding my way into the campus community.

  Seeing no one around to give me answer to my though unasked question, I provided an answer to myself. This drove my innocent mind to another question of what could be responsible for that and its rampancy in the tertiary institutions.

  Digging much deeper in my thoughts and research, I also found an answer to my puzzling questions. I discovered that some students whose parents have backed and planned well for, to live alone in the higher institution for optimum performance in their academic pursuit, regrettably disregard, misuse and mismanage such golden opportunity.

  They go ahead to cohabit, assumably with the aim to experiment, register or showcase their level of maturity. These they do in a most appalling and unacceptable way.

  Indeed, they actually feel that living far away from home actually gives them control over their lives and affairs, which in turn makes them feel that they are at liberty to live their young and naïve lives the way it pleases them. But one would ask: is this the right or best way to express or prove one’s maturity?

  This actually would be a rhetorical question to these flirts, who, ruefully, already had a spurious perception and a misconception of what maturity is all about.

  They fail to understand that being out of the watchful sight of their parents and guidance should have antithetically been to them, an opportunity to show their measure of maturity by convincing their family and the society at large that they have actually known the difference between right and wrong, and can now live and behave aright on their own without anyone watching over them. This indeed is what maturity is all about, and not the other way round.

  They really need to understand that maturity is not all about flaunting what one can do in the physical sense, rather, it is about exhibiting their sense of logical reasoning without being closely scrutinized, watched and tutored by anyone.

  The most shocking phenomenon attached to cohabiting in school is the risk and pitiful ending that comes with it. The duo, especially the female partner usually fall victim. The female one would always choose to throw caution in the air, thereby giving the guy in question the opportunity to turn her to his punching bag and quencher of his amorous desires, all in the name of love.

  It is no longer news that most guys, on many occasions, beat their cohabiting girlfriend almost to a pulp. The most intriguing phase of this ridiculous phenomenon is that the cohabiting couples are both being distracted from their academic pursuit.

  This actually has become a thorn in the flesh of cohabiting couples. It irks me to know that these young couples as they call themselves are ready to sacrifice their  academic  pursuit and bright future for what will later be enjoyed joyfully in future. Sometimes, I find it difficult to believe that this set of young people have indirectly depreciated and made jest of their parents’ sweat and struggles for their wellbeing.

  Cohabiting in school is a phenomenon devoid of maturity, maturity should be proved and exhibited by what an individual or a youth can contribute to the society through coherent reasoning.

There are innovations to be made, mysteries to be unraveled, ideas to be released, books to be written and great post to be occupied, we youth should join hands together, put our hands on deck and make our country a better place, there is always and definitely an allotted time for everything.

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