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Ejiofor marks 80th birthday amid pomp



CHIEF Cyprain Chukwuji Ejiofor, popularly known as Ichie Ogali of Oba recently marked his 80th birthday with a thanksgiving service that took place at St. Peter Anglican Church,Oba, in Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State.

  It was a day his journey of life was tabled amidst people of different walks of life that graced the occassion

  Sir Ejiofor was born on December 24,1939, into the family of the late Nze Peter Obakposim Ejiofor of the great Ejiofor Enechukwu Udeogalanya family of Umuonalu kindred of Umuokpa Umuogali Village, Oba, Anambra State  and the late Mrs. Nneaju Ejiofor (Nee Nwokolo) of Okpuno Aborji Village, Oba.

 Ogali is a member of Ogbo Udoka Age Grade Oba. He had the opportunity of attending elementary three before going into apprenticeship. On completion of his apprenticeship, he went into different types of trading at Kano before the civil war. As a custodian of culture and tradition, Ogali join Otu Nze n’Ozo Oba as Nze Chinyelugo Akunwafor in 1975. For his doggedness, uprightness, fearlessness and fear of God in all his dealings, he excelled in his trade and became an international businessman with numerous achievements including Best Dealer Award John Holt (PZ) Plc, Newclime Electric.

 In January 1961, Ogali got married to Lady Adline Nwabuogo Ejiofor, Asamma (Nee Njeakor). They are blessed with nine children, four boys and five girls.

being a good investor!

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