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WHAT is the essence of the Association, its vision and mission?

Our vision is to harmonise and to bring together all the indigenes of Anambra State resident in Rivers State; to come into their rescue when they are having any issues and also to rejoice with them when they have any celebration.

How has these articulated visions been realised considering your office as the president of this noble association?

   From my own assessment, I think we have achieved average when you consider the level of acceptance from members of the union to the leadership. They have really shown us some love in terms of their turn out and support in various ways, financially and otherwise.

When did you take up the role as the president of AASDU?

   I became the president on July, 2017, and we will hand over to a new administration anytime in July, 2020.

What projects have you been able to put up since you came on board?

   A herculean task we had when we came in was the poor turnout of members. The membership rate was too poor that hardly can you see up to 10 members in a meeting. But since we came in, we were able to increase the membership from two registered town unions to 71 registered town unions.

That is one huge achievement because there is nothing you can do without the people. Secondly, it was to unite them to have a common objective and to have a common vision through which we were able to help our children to secure admission into various tertiary institution in the state like the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) and the Rivers State University of Science and Tecnology (RSUST).

I know that as many that sent their admission details to us in the year 2018, we assisted them in securing admission 100%. Even last year, we were able to meet up 80% of applicants and we hope to continue.

   Then thirdly, we were able to impart more knowledge to our people through enlightenment because we introduced building capacity programme in our various monthly meetings. Every month, during our meetings, we invite one resource person that either takes us on health issues, educational issues, investment and otherwise.

We were able to partner with the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) and then government functionaries. Another achievement we have added so far is that we have been able to cement the relationship between ndi Anambra living in Rivers State and the state government. We can boast that they are aware that we exist as a group, as a body and as an entity in the state.

Then, another part of it is that in 2017, we had our first festival of honours, again in 2018, where we had our Anambra Cultural Festival. I know that the last time ndi Anambra held it here was about 15 years ago. We were able to organise that and our people were happy that they were given the opportunity to display the rich heritage of ndi Anambra in diaspora.

   Another project we have been able to introduce in our lineup of programmes is the skill acquisition which had run consecutively for three years. In the skill acquisition programme, our women are taught how to tie the headgear, bead making, production of soaps and disinfectants, among others. Again, we held a financial freedom seminar during which we taught our people the importance of forex trading and how to design a website. Above all, we unveiled our great Anambra website which is very much active now. It is it comprises of several segments and very rich in contents. These are some of the major achievements my administration has been able to bring to our people and they are happy because they have never had it so good.

Considering the positive legacy the governor is implanting in the state towards ensuring that ndi Anambra, both at home and in diaspora fare well and most importantly, his akuluouno initiative, how have you been able to key into this policy?

It has become imperative that in all our meetings, we bring the akuluouno philosophy in our agenda. So we always try to encourage our men instead of spending most of their investment in Port Harcourt or Rivers State, send them to our state because it is well secured; because n’oso chuwa gi, you have no other place than to run to your home state. We always encourage them on monthly basis or during one of our major events. We support the initiative of the governor; we support it 100 per cent. 

Can you tell us more on the wesbsite?

  Having seen that on-line is the in thing globally; we reckoned that our state will not lag behind as our people are mostly business men. We were able to come up with this website in order to reach out, as well as showcase our rich cultural heritage. Through online, we can market stock in trade to the world; we can have easy contact with one another to enrich and to help ourselves. The website has a segment where you can find all the Anambra business men and women who deal in their respective trades. What we want to achieve by this website is to have an accessible, functional website that will be interactive, educative, entertaining and informative which our children can find worthwhile.

What is your message for ndi Anambra in diaspora?

  Let’s remain focused in whatever we are doing. We should remain whom we are and stop imitating others. We are known for being industrious. Our women married to outsiders should always showcase that you a daughter of the state and must always showcase who you are. Anambra State remains the best state and her people are the hardest working set of people in the world.    

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