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Citizen seeks more women participation in politics



NATIONAL Vice President, Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN),  South East, Kate Okafor has urged women to get involved in political spheres by joining political parties as well as contesting for elective positions in government offices and contributing great ideas geared toward enthroning good governance.

  Okafor, a Nollywood actress who made the call in an interview with our correspondent, described women as agents of change by nature as they tremendously impact positively on any leadership position they find themselves in.

“Women have different styles or ways of leading. When a woman is in charge, she puts all her energy in it like how she takes care of her home. Everything moves fast and fine, I remember when the former Director General of Stock Exchange, Nd iOkereke Onyiuke was still on seat, things were moving but since she left that place, I don’t know what is happening there, and when the late  Prof Dora Akunyili was heading NAFDAC, there was a lot of progress,” she said.

While speaking on how to get women more into politics, the VP said that many women who have the desire to contest for elections are faced with financial barrier as most political forms are very expensive. She however called on government and relevant bodies to look into reduction of price of political forms to enable some women who have interest to buy it “Politics in Nigeria is politics of money and not every woman has the money to spend before she achieves what she wants politically, the highest bidder takes it all. If the system will change, it will enable women to come out for any political post of their choice and they should allow her to be voted for not sharing money at the polling units.  This will make it simple for women to get involved.”

She however, advised women who have political ambitions to discuss with their husbands their plans first before vying for political positions, “if he allows you to come out, fine and good, but if he doesn’t allow you, look for a way to convince him to start participating in politics,” she opined.

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