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WWE : McIntyre sends brutal warning to Lesnar



Lesnar is going into WrestleMania 36 as the WWE champion but if what we saw on Monday is any indication, he will not be leaving with the title.

The Beast and Paul Heyman were doing their usual thing when Drew McIntyre showed up to show his ‘Mania opponent that he was not scared.

Lesnar acted like he was going to leave before rushing at McIntyre. The Scottish Psychopath was ready and nailed the champion with a Claymore to the face. Not one to be satisfied, McIntyre came back and hit two more.

Lesnar is good at making his opponents look like they have a chance against him but we have never seen anyone physically dominate The Beast like this.

WWE clearly wants McIntyre to look strong heading into ‘Mania and this segment made him look like the most dangerous man in WWE. We will likely see Lesnar show up and get some revenge in the coming weeks to balance things out.

 Furthermore Randy Orton also known as the  Viper came out immediately and gave an explanation for his actions and why he attacked Edge . He claimed to have done it out of love for Edge and his family because he knew if he did not take his friend out, somebody else would do something even worse to him and potentially leave his wife and children without a husband and father.

It was an incredible promo from a veteran who has been criticized for his flat mic work in the past. When The Viper turns it on, there is nobody better.

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