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Cleric commends govt on sustainable peace, security



THE founder, Divine Holy Sabbath of Yasshua the Messiah, Aguoye Umudioka, Awka, Most Rev Samuel Nwuba has described Feast of Tabernacle as a veritable instrument to foster blessings to ndi Anambra and men of good will particularly to state government under Chief Willie Obiano whom he described as a man of Yahweh for sustaining peace and national security.

  Rev Nwuba who stated this at the National Headquarters of the Church at Aguoye Umudioka,  Awka, said that it is the responsibility of parents to train  their children instead of teachers and called on parents to teach their children the word of Yahweh and respect for elders, stressing that Yahweh will hold them responsible if they fail to care for their children.

  He advised the church leaders to avoid quick materialism and live exemplary life and avoid serving idol and Yahweh for it is very unpardonable, urging them to pray for the success of state government.

  While praying to Yahweh to give wisdom and long life for good governance, the cleric pointed that the  Obiano-led administration has achieved a lot in the development of ndi Anambra such as payment of workers’ salary, good security network, balance of religion.

  He therefore urged the state government to assist the existing Sabbath mission by providing them buses like their counterpart- Roman Catholic and Anglican Church, explaining that during the last election, sabatarians came out in mass and voted for him.

  Most Rev Nwuba called all the sabatarian in the state and his own members to always keep the ordinances of Yahweh by keeping the Sabbath holy at all times, avoiding imitating other denominations.

  Dr. Nwuba advice the state government to avoid sycophants that will divert his attention from helping sabatarians at least consider one of the sabatarians as a member of his cabinet.

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