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Nigeria police games: Zone11 to face zone 7 in finals in the female category handball.



Zone 11 to play zone 2 in male category of handball in finals.

Zone 11 won zone 2 in the game of handball in the female category. Zone 11 earn 6 points against zone 2 who earn 5 points.

Force head quarters lost to zone 7 with the score of 9-10. Zone 2 and force head quarters will battle later in the day for bronze and 3rd place.

In the male category zone 2 won zone 7 11-8 in the semi finals.

While zone 10 lost to zone 11 with the scores 15:20.

Zone 7 will play zone 10 for bronze medal
While zone 2 and zone 11 will battle for gold and silver.

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