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Breaking News: La Liga suspended after Real Madrid basketball player tested positive for Coronavirus



A Real Madrid basketball player tested positive for coronavirus, leading to a club quarantine that has sparked LaLiga’s suspension.

LaLiga has been suspended for the next two matchdays after Real Madrid established a self-imposed quarantine following a positive coronavirus test by one of their basketball players.

Spain’s top football division was already to be played behind closed doors over the next couple of weeks, but developments in Madrid have forced stronger measures.

Madrid confirmed a member of their basketball team tested positive for COVID-19 and, since those players share training facilities with the football squad at their Valdebebas base, they too have been told to isolate themselves.

In turn, a decision has been made to fully suspend LaLiga for the upcoming matchdays.

A LaLiga statement read: “Given the circumstances known this morning, referring to the quarantine established at Real Madrid and the possible positives [tests] in players from other clubs, LaLiga considers that the circumstances are already in place to continue with the next phase of the protocol of action against COVID-19.

“Consequently, in accordance with the measures established in Royal Decree 664/1997 of May 12, [LaLiga] agrees to suspend at least the next two [match] days.

“Said decision will be re-evaluated after the completion of the quarantines decreed in the affected clubs and other possible situations that may arise.

“LaLiga, as organiser of the competition, has proceeded to communicate this to the RFEF [Royal Spanish Football Federation], the CSD [High Sports Council] and the clubs.”

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