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Anambra’s bad experience is now past tense – Okonkwo



WHAT do you think about Governor Obiano’s six years in office?

  His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano has really impacted into the lives of Ndi Anambra and we still believe that more of the impacts are still coming.

  Before his administration came in, Anambra State was a place that one cannot move around as he likes or even sleep comfortably. But today, his regime has turned those experiences to be past tense to the extent that even foreigners can come and live as long as they want in our state.

  There are also good road network in the state but we still urge him to amend the bad ones so that they will not get worse during the rainy season.

  Akpokeudike Global is also doing well to the government workers and my mother is part of them. He pays them on time and as at when due. There are places where government do owe their workers but Anambra State is not counted as such today despite the hardship in the country.

  His effort in the health centres is quite impressive and commendable. Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu Teaching Hospital, Awka, has been the leading hospital in the South East in terms of facilities.

  In terms of electricity, Power Holdings are not doing well at all. Therefore, I plead him to consider making improvement towards that.

  What other things would you expect the governor to achieve before the end of his tenure?

  When a state is civilised, people will hope to have steady power supply, good roads, pipe born water, security, health care centres, school and so on. So we appeal that there will be better change on electricity by the power holdings through His Excellency, the Governor of Anambra State, Governor Willie Obiano before the end of his tenure. The roads that are under construction will also be a thing of joy for Ndi Anambra when they are completed so that those people given contract of the roads will not go away with the already mapped out money for the roads by the end of his tenure. (Mr Titos Okonkwo)

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