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He is ready to do more for Anambra – Ifejiofor



WHAT do you think about Governor Obiano’s six years in office?

  Governor Obiano on the 17th of March, will be six years in his office. he has done wonderfully well and he is still doing. Some governors will come to second tenure, they will think that there is no job to be done but Governor Obiano has taken this his past two years as if it’s his starting year. He has been doing very well, I don’t know where to start  but the basic resolution of government is protection of lives and properties. Anambra State is the safest state in Nigeria.

  Governor Obiano has done wonderfully well in street lighting. The whole Anambra State  is lit up. You can move from where you are to any area of your choice in Anambra at night. Everywhere is shining. In terms of road infrastructure, he has done well. He has done a lot of bridges-two  flyovers in Awka. He has done the longest bridge in Anambra State that is about 280kms in  Aguleriuno and Aguleriotu.  He has done three bridges along  Amansea, Awa- Ndiukwuenu  Road . He has done the Dengo bridge , the nkesa bridge  in umunya , he has done the bridge that link from SARS Awkuzu to Nando and some other places . He has done a lot of roads. He has taken the roads to hinterlands; no go areas that have not seen tarred road in life has been worked on. He has taken the road to Ogwuaniocha in Ogbaru, he has done the road that led to Nzam, Anambra West. He has done the road to Onono, Anambra West. These are people that go to their villages through Delta State.

   In terms of transportation he has done wonderfully well; he has given the workers free transport, free buses. I have seen the Obiano buses that ply Onitsha, Ekwulobia and others at cheaper prices. In terms of markets, he has opened the markets for people.  A lot of markets have been transferred from Onitsha to different communities.

  In terms of health, he has done well. We have the oxygen plant in Amaku . Amaku Teaching hospital is one of the best in the country that produce doctors.

  In terms of lands, Obiano has liberalised acquisition of lands. You can get your C of O without trouble in Anambra State and this is bringing investors.

  ANSIPPA is bringing a lot of investors like Coscharis farms, Linden Farms. In terms of Agriculture, Anambra State is one of the greatest producers of rice in the whole Nigeria and we have what is called Anambra rice. We export vegetables. Ugu and others are being exported from Anambra State.

  In Women Affairs, the CAFÉ, founded by the wife of the governor is doing a lot. In Nteje, he has where he trains the mentally challenged people and some other things that he is doing.

  So in every facet of life, Governor Obiano is doing wonderfully well and Anambra people are happy. That is why he won 21 over 21. No governor in Nigeria has done that but he did that because of what he is doing ; what is on ground and these infrastructure is being done among the three senatorial zones; among the 21 LGAs so that everybody is benefitting. This is the real government of the people for the people and by the people. So, he has done wonderfully well within this six years and he is telling ndi Anambra that more are still coming, and in the next two years, he will take Ndi Anambra to a greater level. 

  What other things would you expect the governor to achieve before the end of his tenure?.

  He will take Anambra to the next level for both human and capital development (Marcel Ifejiofor is the Commissioner for Works).

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