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Obiano has improved Anambra’s creative arts – Udokwu



Bob-Manuel Udokwu is the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Anambra State on Creative Media (Movie/Entertainment Industry) and Member, Board of Directors for Anambra Broadcasting Service and Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation.

WHAT is your assessment on how the entertainment industry has fared in Anambra State under the administration of Gov Willie Obiano?

  Governor Willie Obiano’s administration has deeply and positively improved entertainment/creative arts. Prior to the coming of Governor Obiano, entertainment was not thriving in Anambra State. However, with tight security provided by the Obiano administration, entertainment and creative arts began to thrive. Night life businesses also began to thrive with many night clubs, lounges and fun spots springing up all over the state. Musical shows /concerts are constantly staged in different towns and film shoots have become regular practice in various towns and villages in the state.

   To further demonstrate his commitment and determination to improving entertainment and the creative arts in Anambra State, Governor Willie Obiano established the Ministry of Youth Empowerment and Creative Economy.  The ministry has been providing the much needed platform for the talented youths of Anambra State to actualise their creative ambitions.

How would you rate government’s involvement in ensuring active participation of youths in politics?

 Governor Willie Obiano’s administration encourages youth’s participation in politics. One will only look at the political appointees of Governor Obiano to see that majority of them are young people including his commissioners, special advisers, etc.  Even the state House of Assembly is heavily populated by young people including the Speaker. Transitional chairmen of various local government areas are also not left out of the youthful composition of the government of Anambra State under the watch of His Excellency, Chief Sir Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano.

  As a key player in the entertainment industry,  what methods do you proffer to improve the sector in the state?

Industries and big businesses operating in Anambra State can assist the state government in the area of sponsorship of entertainment and creative arts related programmes.  Government can also offer tax incentives/rebates to companies and businesses that fund/sponsor entertainment events.

  The government can also create an Entertainment Agency to be headed by a Director General and a Board of Directors whose responsibility will be to coordinate all entertainment and creative arts activities as well as developing highly innovative and profitable programmes for the state.

  What are your expectations for the future in regards to the creative arts/entertainment sector in Anambra?

  My expectation for the future of the entertainment industry/creative arts in Anambra State is that the state will eventually be the nation’s centre for creativity and entertainment. The government of Governor Willie Obiano is seriously working towards achieving that goal. This I know.

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