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Traders are comfortable with Obiano’s leadership – Daniel



WHAT do you think about Governor Obiano’s six years in office?

  Well, Akpokuedike Global has made us proud. His effort is immeasurable. Eke Awka Market has benefitted from his administration which include our market hall built with the  N10million project he gave to all the markets and also, the solar light he mounted for us in three different zones of the market.   More so, he has gone round the markets and promised to build overhead tanks for the markets which we are among. The measurement of that has equally been taken so that we may always have water to control fire outbreak when it occurs before the fire service men comes. This is very important due to the rate of fire outbreak in various markets in the country.

  His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano has also supplied fire fighting machines and trucks to some markets and he promised to give us that because Eke Awka is one of the major markets in Anambra State.

  So, we are always proud of him. On the aspect of security, it has been on record that Anambra State is the safest state in Nigeria and we are witnesses. This is because if there is no security in the state, we will not be able to come out and do our business. We use this opportunity to encourage him to continue leading us well.The storage fee that we normally pay is still as it was since his assumption of office till date and traders are still comfortable to afford that. At times when there is new power in government, there will be increment of those fees. That is to say that our governor is always kind to the traders.

  What other things would you expect the governor to achieve before the end of his tenure?

  Before the end of his second tenure, we wish that he will build overhead tank and give us fire trucks as he promised. We also wish that he will tar the road leading from Our Line Market, joined with Market 4B  to the Arthur Eze Road because we find if difficult during the rainy season to do our business as well as the buyers who come to buy their goods at that time.

Sir. Charles Daniel is the Chief of Staff, Eke Awka Market)

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