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Umeh: foibles of the electorate



ENLIGHTENED Anambra people seriously lament the absence of Chief Victor Umeh in the Senate as he was by legal abracadabra edged out from the red chamber. The lamentation of Ndi Anambra (of course the well-meaning and enlightened ones), on the remarkable absence of Senator Victor Umeh stemmed from the obvious vacuous representation of Anambra State in the Senate now. By representation, one means the quality of representation that has its source and spring from clear intellectual finesse, boldness, intrepidity and even compelling admiration by fellow Senators from other ethnic groups that marked Victor’s short stay in the Senate.

  In civilised setting, the ultimate demand, [in addition to the gravamen and raison detre] which the enlightened people want from their representatives in the legislature,  more so the National Assembly, is the intellectual exposure, world-view and cosmopolitan grounding of the representatives and not the craftiness in the manipulations of the party primaries; in addition to the covert greasing the itching palms of the “priests in the temple of justice” to advance ridiculous, preposterous and ludicrous legal technicalities to justify their insatiable greed that has rubbished the Nigerian judiciary.

  The essence of having a well-grounded representative in the national legislature like the red chamber is the boldness and intrepidity with forthrightness of facts with befitting English language to engage the executive arm of government and its bootlickers and apologists in its policies, programmes and projects that are lopsided and have nothing to  actualise sustainable socioeconomic growth and development in real terms.

  These rare and outstanding qualities are replete in Senator Victor Umeh who was despicably edged out by questionable court judgment which parochially interpreted the laws that guide political parties’ primary elections as exclusive to individual political party members instead of realistically interpreted as national law which any aggrieved political party member can cite against a member of a political party who did not adhere to the general law on party primaries.

  Due to mediocre intellectualism of Anambra Senators in the Senate, they feel timorous in drawing the attention of the federal government on the brazen ravaging of the southern part of the country by the Islamic religious terrorists that masquerade as herdsmen. None of the Senators representing Anambra State has boldly and intrepidly called a press conference to highlight the stand of the people on the discriminatory laws in the country, where the Fulani herdsmen carry guns without license while the police is agile in arresting persons with “dane gun” in the south. If Victor Umeh was re-elected, he would be bold enough to take a stand reflective of the people. This is what Anambra people have missed by voting people who kow-tow to the “feudalistic hegemony” that look away from the atrocities and terroristic gambits of the marauders from the Sahel region and Futa Jalon mountain.

  Umeh would have given his support to Amotekun and would have galvanised the Southeast Senators to prevail on the Southeast governors to go for a regional security infrastructure in tandem with federal system of government the world over.

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