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Consolidating and sustaining current pace of devp in Anambra



RECENTLY, former Secretary-General of Commonwealth, Chief Emeka Anyaoku stressed the need for sustaining the tempo of development currently going on in all sectors and communities of Anambra State. Anyaoku spoke as Chairman of Anambra Elders Council after they ended their recent meeting in Awka. Such a call, coming from a reputable elder statesman of his pedigree passes as an endorsement of Anambra State’s progress in the right direction, from an informed, credible source.

  THE fact that the call is also coming some days to the sixth-year anniversary of the Gov. Willie Obiano-led administration makes it auspicious on two related parametres. One, it bears testimonies on the performance of his government in development index. Two, it is such a crucial and compelling account on the state’s development direction that its tempo needs to be sustained both now and beyond the present administration. But Anyaoku was saying what many, especially those who should know, have been saying for a long time.

  PERHAPS, what needs to be re-emphasised is that it is a call to sustain the current pace of development in the state by consolidating on gains already accruing on all sectors since Dr Obiano’s coming. More so, it is a straight-from-the-heart call from elder statesmen.

  JUST in case there is any doubting Thomas who may want to know what Anambra State should be sustaining or consolidating as Gov. Obiano marks six years in Government House, his achievements go before him and speak volumes.

  THOSE who knew where Obiano met Anambra on March 17, 2014 would not want a return to the previous vicious cycle of anomie where people could not sleep with two eyes closed. They would recall that many could not dare visit anywhere in Anambra, because of dare-devil criminals and hoodlums operating even in broad light. They would not crave a return to a collapsed near outdated basic education system, which until Team Obiano started laying foundation for artificial intelligence (christened AI) was visibly aging. Obiano’s intervention has brought instant results with outpour of honours through national and international awards to Anambra schools. Hitherto, Anambra’s secondary schools were glorified primary schools, and her primary school pupils could not compete favourably with some kindergarten kids on any learning radar.

  NO DOUBT, like security, education mired in artificial intelligence was randomly picked because of its knock-on effects on other sectors in terms of launching Anambra on high industrialisation niche as contemporary  basic schools in advanced countries where even pupils produce robots for factories’ production lines and enhanced industrial productivity. Given the state’s increasing heights in industrialisation, the inculcation of  AI in pupils of the state’s basic schools is to equip them early with the requisite faculties that will boost the land’s economy and production lines. Similarly, Gov. Obiano’s utilisation of AI in the area of internal security has brought good results.

  BUT education and security, though two critical sectors are just mere ice tips of what Anambra State should note and sustain as Gov. Obiano’s legacies while his second tenure evolves to climax.

  THIS is why even away from press button security architecture, transformation of hitherto moribund public infrastructure such as Prof. Dora Akunyili Women Development Centre, on-going construction of airport and establishment of ultramodern International Conference Centre in Awka as well as discovery of crude oil reserves in Omamballa and Ogbaru among others to expand the state’s income base, for instance, stand out as what the state should consolidate as her push for socio-economic growth and development continues.

  THESE and more are dividends of good governance delivered by a focused implementation of Gov. Obiano’s Pillars (of development predicated on mechanised agriculture, trade and commerce, oil and gas as well as industrialisation and logistics) with principled religious relish. The governor’s keenness for job creation and youth empowerment give concrete boost and diversification to the state’s economy. Further enquiries into the Obiano development matrix for Anambra State would reveal a hands-on smart deployment of economic intelligence for the benefit of the people.

  ALTHOUGH he required no rocket science to recalibrate Anambra economy without noise, the governor did what only the lion-hearted could, by living true to the blurb of his vision and mission which remains to make Anambra “to become the first choice investment destination and hub for industrialisation and commercial activities by creating a socially stable business-friendly environment that will attract both indigenes and foreigners to seek wealth creating opportunities in Anambra State.”

  WHY then will there be any hesitation in sustaining the tempo to consolidate on gains already delivered and create space for projected benchmarks?

  THEREFORE, we solicit mutual commitment from both government and the citizenry to ensure that the current pace of development, which is underscored by accelerated growth, in the state is not only sustained but is inherited by successive administrations.

  ONLY this will motivate Gov. Obiano to keep on pushing his spadework for a new Anambra State, where transparency and accountability is not mere sloganeering but a desideratum whose impact is denominated in due process and cutting down on cost of governance.

  WHILE we call on government to initiate more selfless policies that give room for public confidence and trust, ndi Anambra should equally compliment Gov. Obiano’s administration by ensuring that they pay their taxes appropriately as well as fulfill other civic obligations that will sustain the tempo of current growth and development.

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