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COVID 19: Keita Baldé donates 50,000 Euro to Senegal



THE COVID-19 emergency is a global pandemic. Many are fundraising to combat the virus, and Keita Baldè is now doing his part to help.

The Monaco attacker has donated about 50,000 euros to the city of Dakar and his parents’ hometown in Senegal. This is a considerable donation given the costs of living in Senegal.

  The initiative was organised by the Emedia group in collaboration with different television companies. Keita, who will be a guest on Casa Di Marzio at 18.30, shared the following thoughts:

“I am united in solidarity with the global fight against coronavirus.

I ask all my Senagalese compatriots to closely respect the recommendations from the health services.

This is the reason why I participate in the fundraising and ask all opinion leaders, athletes, artists, musicians, to participate. It’s a difficult moment but we will win together, like always.”

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