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Father kills son who beheaded mother



A LAGOS based trader, identified as Kenneth Ugwu has reportedly been shot by his father for allegedly cutting off his mother’s head for money ritual.

  The incident which happened at Iheaka community in Igbo-eze South Local Government Area, of Enugu State saw Kenneth’s father, Mr. Cyril Ugwu  kill his son for desecrating the land by killing and cutting his mother’s head for ritual purpose.

  Narrating the incident, eyewitness account who identified her name as Adaeze, stated that Kenneth, a motor spare parts dealer in Lagos visited home to see his parents and lured his unsuspecting mother to the farm with the pretext of helping her to cut palm fruits but ended up cutting off her head.

  According to Adaeze, “when they got to the farm, rather than cut the palm fruits, he cut the mother’s head and put it in a black polythene bag and returned home to leave for Lagos.”

  Continuing, “on arriving at home, the father inquired about the mother, which Kenneth replied that she was on her way back home.

He (Kenneth) hurriedly rushed to the bathroom to shower and leave for Lagos.

  Suspicious of his hasty move to leave for Lagos before the mother’s return, the father went to the polythene bag to check the content only to discover his wife’s head inside.

 However, rather than cry; he picked up his double- barreled gun, loaded cartridges and waited for the son to come out.

  When the son finished and was ready to go without the mother’s arrival from the farm, the father asked him again where the mother was and he replied that she will come back soon.

  In readiness to go, Kenneth asked his father to greet his mum when she comes back; pointing out that he can’t wait because he needed to catch up with the commuter.

  The father, who wished him a safe journey back to Lagos, grabbed his double- barreled gun and shot him from behind, killing him on the spot.”

  Further reports say that when community residents gathered, the father opened the polythene bag and showed them his wife’s head, leaving many in tears and shock, while courageous men amongst them went into the bush in search of the dead woman’s body.

The corpse was found dumped on a footpath with severe cuts all over.

  When National Light reporter called Enugu State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Daniel Ndukwue on phone for confirmation of the incident, he stated that he was yet to get full report on the incident and promised to update us as soon as possible.

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