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No unwholesome meat in Nnewi market – Butchers



RESIDENTS of Nnewi are apprehensive  of the rumours within the area that dead and sick cows are being sold to the public by butchers  in the town.

  In a swift reaction, the chairman of Agbaedo Main Market Butchers Association, Kirani  Okafor said the  rumour came from mischievous elements, who want to tarnish  the image of the association.

  He contended that it has always been the practice of his association to ensure that every cow slaughtered at the market must be inspected    by veterinaary  officers deployed from Nnewi North Local Government Area.

  Speaking further, he said  that the local government had banned hawking of meat in Nnewi to ensure the stoppage of illegal sales  of meat. This was  collaborated in his statement with the recent incident in Nnewi where a butcher allegedly slaughtered  a cow sacrificed to a shrine and  brought it to the public for sale”.

   He urged the public to disregard the rumour stressing that their task force has stepped up operations to identify the evil ones peddling the rumour.

   It will be recalled that rumour also had it that some cows were injected with killer drugs from the North and sold to the public.

  National Light investigation shows that there are unregistered  butchers in Nnewi who kill cows at unapproved and unhygienic places  without approval from the local government.

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