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Covid19 : Obiano’s Aide Expresses Concern Over Visits To Beer Parlours , Churches Against Governnent Directives



As the deadly coronavirus continues to torment the world since its outbreak from Wuhan China , various efforts have been put in place to control and contain its spread .

Though Nigeria has fallen victim of Covid19 but the governnent of the federation as well as other state governments have joined forces to combat the deadly virus to a standstill .

To this end therefore , Anambra state government has ensured that the state does not fall victim of the monstrous disease .

The state government has taken far-reaching , proactive measures to protect its citizenry from the coronavirus pandemic through precautionary methods of simple personal hygiene , social distancing , application of hand-sanitizers as well as regular handwashing with soap and water .

Other precautionary measures include total closure of all the sectors of the state economy to prevent the virus from coming into Anambra state . But the level of compliance to the directives issued by the state government is of paramount concern .

That was why the Special Adviser to Governor Willie Obiano on Special Duties and Public Orientation , Hon.Ify Obinabo expressed deep concern at the rate people flouted governnent directives and held social gatherings . 

Obinabo noted that Covid19 was not a mere fantasy but a disease that is real and ravaging the world at the moment , stressing that if prominent Nigerians could be infected with coronavirus , then what would be the fate of those who are not well-to-do  , when such circumstance befall them ?

The governor’s aide stated that ” people are still going to beer parlours , clubs , markets and even churches . They can’t be holier than Pope . The Vatican city where the Pope operates has been locked up . So why would people insist on getting us into mess .

” If this kind of thing can affect the so-called big men , what of the lower ones when it attacks them . Where will they get the treatment ? “

She maintained that people should endeavour to observe the social distancing recommended by governnent and most importantly , stay at home in the interim until the coronavirus crisis subsided .

Obinabo who was a former local government chairman of Orumba-North , also advised that people should stock food stuffs at home to enable them to make less movements . She emphasized that people should not toy with their lives on account of social engagements amidst covid19 pandemic .

Though she chided some church leaders for not adhering strictly to governnent orders on ban on churche activities to avoid spread of coronavirus , saying that ” our church leaders are still conducting church services . Only few of them that are exposed , obeyed the directives .

” If they will go on conducting church services , can they also share it like not more than 30 persons at a time . Then instead of 4 masses , they should have like 10 or 20 masses in a day and they should not over-strech it so they can dismiss them say within 30 minutes . “

She however admonished parents to be mindful of their children and ensure that they stay at home this period as governnent makes frantic efforts to win the battle against coronavirus pandemic even as she also thanked Governor Willie Obiano and his wife for the measures they are taking to protect the lives and property of the citizenry .

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