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Group warns Africa to scale up measures against COVID-19 spread



INTERNATIONAL Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) Society, Geneva, has called on African leaders to do all they can to ensure CONVID-19 pandemic does not spread in the region like their counterparts in Europe and America.

  Responding to the challenging global pandemic, the group president, Peter Maurer expressed joy that African region has not been severely affected so far but expressed concerns on devastating consequences if actions that will contain it are not taken.

  “If action is not taken immediately to contain the virus, it could have devastating effects particularly in places affected by conflict and violence”

  It further commended governments that reacted promptly by putting travel ban, self quarantines and other preventive measures but lamented that an outbreak of COVIID-19 in places struggling with congestion, lack of portable water and weakened health care system may face fresh humanitarian crisis if not contained early enough.

  Nigerian government under President Muhmmadu Buhari has taken bold steps in the fight, announcing lockdown of Lagos State, Ogun State and FCT, Abuja, to check the spread of the pandemic.

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