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Is COVIID-19 real or fiction?



Often times, vague understanding of phenomenon breeds wrong conclusions, triggers poor reactions and possibly lead to unfancied result.

Many a Nigerian before the current  COVIID-19 crisis had neither heard about any disease related to virus called corona,  nor sensitized on what to expect in the event of suspicion of Coronavirus infection, hence, the adamant approach of some doubting Thomasses in the reality of CONVID-19 pandemic.

To such groups (doubters), COVIID-19, if there is anything like that,  is a disease of the privileged class which originated from China and spread to United States, Europe and other parts of the world through migration.

To other schools of thought, it is a disease created by China with a view to exerting her superior powers on the rest of the world who will come cap in hand sourcing for logistics in dealing with the virus which Chinese medical experts by then will be well positioned to provide.

Call it naivety or anything, the fact remains that despite the crises COVIID-19 has thrown the world into, there are people everywhere around the streets throwing caution to the winds, dismissing all they hear about the disease, believing all information disseminated about the scourge as fabrications of sort and propaganda deployed to hoodwink the gullibles.

The question here is, ‘who is the gullible here? If for whatever reasons one could dismiss the information dominating world discusses in the past two weeks about the deadly pandemic as farce, based on their ideological leanings and parochial view points, it may not make much difference if the dead comes back to life with the same message to convince them of the reality of the time.

Come to think of these, United States of America’s President, Donald Trump  initially undermined the enormity of this pandemic, calling it “Chinese disease,’ it did not take any stressful exercise for America to get deep into the ravages and today, America is in dire straits from batters of the scourge. Over one million Americans have been tested so far, posting the highest number of cases and deaths as well.

Today, America is in lockdown and the cry is not about economic consequence but how to mitigate the situation and bring back America to normalcy, Trump’s voice has since changed from valiant to that of sympathy.

Nigerians has tendency for religious extremism no doubt, but if the Catholic Pontiff, Pope Francis can stop Catholic adherents from observing their religious rites to save the people from dangers of CONVID-19 infection, it should be an eye opener to many that the issue at stake calls for emergency, not one be romanticised or treated with any kid gloves.

Nigerians in their characteristics have dubbed the disease, ‘Politicians judgement’, given that high profile personalities from the political extract have tested positive to the disease. It is a matter of fact that Chief of Staff to President Muhmmadu Buhari, Abba Kyari, Kaduna State Governor, El-Rufai, Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde and host of other top notch personalities have tested positive to the virus, but that is not enough to make anyone believe that it is a disease of the upper class, rather, it should trigger more concerns on the nature of the virus as not having respect for class or interest.

Then, if these class of people could test positive, what security should ordinary masses expect to hide under, than first, accepting the reality of the pandemic, knowing they have very little chance of survival, given that treatment cost is not yet known to be light and finally, observing all the safety measures advocated by health experts and goverment to check the spread of the virus.

While government of Anambra State has issued a directive for all to sit at home, it beats imagination what youths that spend the hours meant to stay indoors have in minds, while engaging in playing football at different makeshift spaces. They not only come into contact with each other duty this exercise but share sweats and other bodily elements in the process.

Have they chosen to sabotage efforts of government or willingly decided to put their lives in harm’s way? Whatever is the answer, CONVID-19 is already here with us and everybody should be part of the process to ground it from further spread.

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