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Thunder kills over 20 people in DR Congo



OVER 20 people were struck dead in the Democratic Republic of Congo, yesterday, with number of those who sustained injuries not immediately known.

  The incident occurred when lightening damaged a high-voltage power line at a near Brazzaville, an area hit by heavy rains earlier.

  Mayor of Kintele, Stella Mensah Sassou Nguesso, told state radio that seven bodies were sent to a nearby morgue and another 13 to a mortuary in the capital.

  According to her, lightning cut through two high-voltage cables.

  “One cable fell on a house… and electrocuted three occupants,” said the eyewitness, who gave his name only as Rock. “The other cable, which fell into a courtyard flooded with water, electrocuted the neighbours,” he said.

  Another eyewitness said that ambulances, hearses, security officials and electric company workers rushed to the scene, with private individuals seen taking some bodies and injured people into their cars to take them to morgues and hospitals.

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