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Indian couple names their twins Corona and COVID



Coronavirus fever has taken a strange turn in India, with a couple naming their newborn twins Corona and COVID.

They say this is to remind them about the hard times they are enduring amid the pandemic.

The is coming at a time when India is under a nationwide lockdown aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus, a couple from the Indian city of Raipur found unusual inspiration from the situation. They decided to name their boy Covid and their girl Corona.

The 27-year-old mother these will be their names for now, but that they might change them later.

“When the hospital staff also started calling the babies as Corona and Covid, we finally decided to name them after the pandemic. Indeed the virus is dangerous and life-threatening but its outbreak made people focus on sanitation, hygiene and inculcate other good habits. Thus, we thought about these names. India, with a population of almost 1.4 billion people, so far has 2,567 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 72 deaths,” she said.

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