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Lockdown skyrockets food prices in Nsukka



Outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVD-19) pandemic across the globe has skyrocketedprices of food items in the university town of Nsukka and environsfollowing the lockdown recently introduced in the 36 states of Nigeria.

With most markets in Nsukka beingshut down, food sellers hike prices of their wares blaming the action on breakdown of transportation to and fro neighbouringstates and communities.

A survey revealed that one tin of local rice which sold at N5,000 now sells at N8,000 while one bag of beans sells at N18,000 against its former price of N11,000.

Guinea pea sells at N36, 000 against N24,000 per bag it sold before lockdown with yams going between N500 to N700 for one tuber, depending on its size. A painter bucket of garri which sold at N500 now sells at N1,500. Meat and frozen fish also saw their prices going higher with one small portion of meat of about 10 lumps selling at N1,000 while one croaker fish sells N800 and one carton of it sells N20,000.

Other staple foods saw skyrocketed increase I their prices.

A garri trader at Ogige Nsukka market, Martha Ugwu, said they find it increasingly difficult to travel to purchase garrrisince the lockdown order. 

“We can’t purchase new processed garrri due to transportation. We are not finding it funny, the situation is helpless. We don’t even see buyers as the corona virus affected the economic situation. Everybody stayed at home hoping that the situation would change for normal business activities” she said.

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