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No better time to be proud of Anambra State than now



THE world expected the usual.  There was no expectant of such a pause on the whole world.Who could have imagined a microscopic bio with unknown grip-sense to retire missiles, R2bs, Amolede and all the deadly arsenal? Who would have predicted this sojourner with no surname? None! We were just our usual we.

   The news broke from China. The Chinese deployed measures with an intent to win the war. They built an advanced computerised structure to ambush the sojourner not knowing that it was not a respecter of anyone.

Who could believe technology’s fear?  Well,it was beyond just fear. We read, we watched, we applauded, and we anticipated not knowing that it was a strategic invasion. Italy, France, North Korea, UK, USA and some other powerful countries were aware of it not knowing its vow to strike.

We were expectant of good news in Africa. Our ears captured every bit of its spread; we evoked our faith, sure as blackjacks as our unbelievable resistance grew unconsciously.

But ‘there was a man foresighted like an eagle while ‘others in the mirror’ were busy with life’s luxuries, he paused, initiated thoughts mapping our measures and was proactive to secure his people and others. Indeed, he saw tomorrow and secured it.

Some people had expected the news to break on Anambra with neglect to proactive measures already adopted by the state government through the visionary leadership of Chief Dr. Willie M. Obiano, Governor of Anambra State, ensuing total shutdown on markets, churches, mosques, social gathering and activities, including border closure amongst others.

These measures however became barrier for ‘the sojourner’ to step into the state, it also resulted to some ‘negatively charged ions’; the masses became another sojourner to themselves with a sudden hike in price of food stuff despite non inclusive ban on interstate food stuff and drugs transportation.

Stakeholders in the state have spoken on the continued thickened skin of traders in a view to enrich self to the detriment of others with price hike. These stakeholders including Rt. Hon. Uche Victor Okafor, the Speaker of Anambra State House of Assembly in ‘Nzukọ Anambra’ program on Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) Radio/TV, called on tradesmen to trade with love. He urged that with the current pause on other activities except foodstuff and drugs dealers were to avert famine and ensure that drugs are not lacked in the state. He warned that those involved in the act should retrace their steps.

Is there a better time to be proud of one’s state than now?

The visionary leader who saw tomorrow remains, His Excellency, Governor Willie M. Obiano the governor of Anambra State. His administration has not only ensured welfare and security of lives and properties but has an excellent measure to curbing the sojourner, coronavirus pandemic.

Why Anambra State might not record coronavirus case

In line with the the proactive measures, prominent men and women of Anambra extraction have been responsive to Obiano’s calls.  These were believed to be awakend by Obiano’ plea to His Excellency, MohammaduBuhari, President of Nigeria to release N1billion  to Anambra State to enable the state fight against the novel virus from stepping its feet in the state.

The call, however, raised concern as Anambra born billionaires and corporate bodies swung into action donating cash and medical equipments worth millions of naira to assist the state government’s fight against the virus. United Bank of Africa donated the sum of N28,500,000  only and Senator Victor Umeh donated N2million  only to Anambra State Government and the likes of Sir EmekaOffor donated medical equipments worth millions of naira to ChukwuemekaOdumegwuOjukwu Teaching Hospital, Amaku, Awka.

While waiting on federal government’s response on the governor’s plea, Governor Obiano has shown competence in utilising the little treasury of the state to further measures to containing the cases if at all possible precautionary measures fails.

Having repositioned major health institutions in the state, he has dedicated and equipped the newly commissioned NYSC Camp Mbaukwu/Umuawulu as a Protection  Centre with installation of modern medical facilities including 240 beds and other intensive care facilities to assist the Protection Centres in Awka, Onitsha and Nnewi, respectively.

The governor has given 70 bags of rice to all the one 179 communities in the state with a view to cushion the effect of hunger as everyone stays at home to avoid spread of the virus, including civil servants he had earlier directed to work from home for over four weeks now.

On business, Governor Willie Obiano has also approved 10 per cent relief stimulus for all traders and business owners. They will also be given food items from the state as part of cushioning economic effect of the pandemic. All these were achieved by the state government despite the fact that no one has tested positive for coronavirus in the state.

Those who desecrate the Office of the Governor, peddling false information against Obiano are urged to desist from such as such cannot avail them the opportunity to occupy the highly coveted seat of the governor not even in their dreams. Political parties should shun using coronavirus pandemic as a political gymnastics to lineate lies

Is there a better time to be proud of Anambra State and commend her leadership under Governor Willie Obiano?

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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