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COVID -19: Man who postponed father’s burial urges citizens to obey govt’s directives



Abuja based, Media and ICT Consultant, Chukwudi Ozalla of Nibo, Awka South LGA of Anambra State, whose late father’s funeral rites scheduled to hold on March 26, was postponed indefinitely because of the lockdown and ban on social gatherings placed by Governor Willie Obiano to avert the spread of the Coronavirus in Anambra State has advised ndi Anambra to adhere strictly to government directives for their own good and good of others.

Speaking to National Light on how he felt about the postponement of the burial, Ozalla confessed that he was somehow disappointed but noted that the order is for the best interest of the masses.

“Of course, naturally, one will feel disappointed. Nevertheless, it is also in the best interest of citizens to observe government’s directive for their own safety and overall well being given the global COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not targeted at any body or group of persons.

My late father’s funeral has been postponed indefinitely. The situation at hand is so glaring world over. It is only the living that will eventually bury the dead, so nobody should expose his or herself to attend any kind of gatherings at this period under review and probably get infected with Corona Virus and the spread continues.

Definitely, it is going to take its toll on the overall global economy and by extension other numerous religious/social engagements. The envisaged losses are already manifesting but let’s not forget that having or preserving life is the first rule,” he said. On what they did with food and other arrangements already made for the funeral, he said, “in life, you do not gain always.

Sometimes, eventuality can spring up. We were lucky that we have not really gone far purchasing perishables, even if we had done so, we would have also taken it in our strides. It may still be useful in this stock up your house period. One may also willingly share with neighbors”

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