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COVID-19: Nigerian patient in China, bites nurse



A NIGIERIAN coronavirus patient has been arrested for allegedly attacking and biting a Chinese nurse on her face in a bid to escape from isolation.

  Okonkwonwoye Chika Patrick, 47, beat up the nurse, known by her surname Wang Hong, after she stopped him from leaving his quarantine ward at a hospital in Guangzhou on Wednesday.

  Images released by the hospital showed  Miss Wang swollen face covered with blood, bruises and a laceration under her left eye, which she reportedly sustained when patient Okonkwonwoye Chika    Patrick, 47, allegedly bit her while resisting treatment.

  According to local police, the incident happened inside the quarantine ward at Guangzhou Eighth People’s Hospital, in the capital of Guangdong Province in South China.

  Local police said the detained patient is receiving treatment under quarantine with police supervision.   He will be prosecuted accordingly to Chinese laws after recovery.

  Mr Okonkwonwoye had been treated at the Guangzhou Eighth People’s Hospital since March 23.

He tested positive for the coronavirus after arriving in Guangzhou city of southern China from abroad on March 20.

  When Ms Wang asked Mr Okonkwonwoye to take a blood test on April 1, the patient ignored her and attempted to walk out of his quarantine ward.

  The Chinese nurse was pushed to the ground and bitten on the face when she tried to stop Mr Okonkwonwoye from leaving, according to a police statement.

  She was wearing personal protective equipment at the time of the incident, and has been tested for exposure to a variety of possible infections, including Covid-19.

  Guangzhou Eighth People’s Hospital, which is the largest infectious diseases facility across China’s southern regions, said it had increased security after the incident.

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