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‘Mororomoros’ brings the best in us



WHAT is in a name?  A rose by any other name will smell as sweet, according to Act-II, Scene-II of Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet.  This simply means that the names of things cannot affect what they actually are.

  The ravaging COVID-19 strain of Coronavirus has acquired several names in Nigeria.  Some choose to call it COVIK-one-nine.  I have also heard “Colodial Drive Us”.  Only yesterday, I heard a new one, “Mororomoros”, from a video now going viral on the social media.  How I love this new one!

  Events in the last one week around this “Mororomoros” pandemic remind me of that infamous quote by former apartheid President of South Africa, Pieter Botha,  when he said on May 19, 1986, that “this uprising will bring out the beast in us”, which was eventually parodied by that great music legend and philosopher, FelaAnikulapo-Kuti, popularly known as Fela.

  This “Mororomoros” is bringing out the best in us.  When I say the best in us, I mean it in every material particular – the best from our brightest brains, the best from our negative brains (the 419ers and other scammers), the best from our state governments, and the best from the federal government.

  Our egg-heads have been burning the midnight candle coming up with recommendations on how best to prevent, resist, heal, or cure “Mororomoros”.

  It used to be said that “the Igbo man would sell his mother for money”.  If you follow that argument, it also means that the Igbo man would do anything to make money.  You can go further to state that Igbo traders will never close their markets for any reason.  For almost two weeks now, all the major markets in Igboland have been under lock and key, not by any force or coercion.  Out goes that stereotype!

  Ogbaru LG Innovation

Local governments in Nigeria hardly make any contribution, at least so we thought, until now.  Within one week, Ogbaru Local Government in Anambra State now produces sanitizers, through its skills acquisition programme.

  State Govts’ Innovation

State Governments have become highly creative and innovative with Anambra State leading the charge in the South East.  In a very short time, isolation centres have been built and equipped, just as facilities for other purposes have been converted to service “Mororomoros” related issues.

  419ers at their Best

  On the down side, in less than 48 hours after social responsibility-minded individuals and corporate organisations started making donations towards checkmating “Mororomoros”, scammers had cloned the letterhead of the Federal Ministry of Finance and pushing forward to start collecting donations supposedly on behalf of the federal government.  The development was not limited to the federal level.  In one or two states in the South East, a few highly placed individuals were beginning to hoodwink the billionaires and millionaires clubs ostensibly raising money for the states to combat “Mororomoros”.

  FG Alacrity

  One of the interesting records of the season was that the federal government was able to distribute N100 billion to poor families within one week, yet no one knows anyone who knows anyone that has received the federal help!  Little wonder Senate President, Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan told the executive not to go too fast on its plans to raise N500 billion ostensibly to fight “Mororomoros”.

  Aba Made

  Aba manufacturers have taken the advice given to them by the state governor, Okezie Ikpeazu to make money off the COVID-19 pandemic by producing large quantities of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for sale.

Meze a veteran Public Relations practitioner wrote from Awka

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