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Food prices rise in Markets, traders blamed



PRICES of essential commodities have risen to more them 100 per cent in some markets within  Anambra State despite palliative measures put in place by the state government .

 Market women had created artificial scarcity by withholding the food stuffs in their homes and ware houses.

  Prices of various staple food commodities such as yam, garri, beans, somovita, oil, fish, rice and others went up.

  Our investigations at Otuocha markets in Anambra work zone where these food stuffs are mainly procured for sale across the state  show that four liters of garri, formally sold at N500, now costs N1,200, local rice sold at N6,000 now costs N24,000, fish, yam, vegetable and others are sold about double their former prices.

  In Onitsha metropolis, food stuff markets are scattered all over the places including streets. In spite of that, \commodities are not at the reach of average ndi Anambra.

  At Oseokwodu, some market women interviewed attributed the sharp increase to the hike in transport fares and alleged high handedness of security operatives who prevail on drivers to carry only two passengers on a seat.   Another reason is the creation of artificial scarcity by their customers at the hinterlands .In spite of the low patronage, prices of these commodities are still high.

  At Ochanja Market, the story is the same even as buyers from other states no longer enter Onitsha for purchases. Items mostly affected include fruits, potatoes, cooked cassava (akpu) and the popular okpa. The prices of cucumber, water melon are between N200 and N100 depending on the size.

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