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General Hospital Onitsha ready for COVID-19 official



DEPUTY Chief Medical Director, Onitsha General Hospital, NnamdiIkpelinwa has said that his health workers were ready to receive COVID-19 patients at Onitsha General Hospital.

  “The hospital is now fully configured and ready to receive patients,”

  According to him, the hospital has made provisions for facemasks, gloves for the staff and patients.

  “There is also provision for equipment at points of entry by patients and everybody that comes into the hospital; they can also wash their hands with running water and with hand sanitisers”.

  He noted, however, that as at then, there were no traces of the pandemic in the hospital; “we hope and believe that there will be none”.

DrIkpelinwastressed  that there were still some challenges facing them, especially consumables, facemasks and gloves because these were disposable materials.

He pleaded with ndiAnambra who could help to provide these materials to please come to their aid; “they can support government in providing such materials.

“We do not have enough equipped hospitals in Nigeria, but Gov. Willie Obiano is really trying his best in re-equipping the government and mission-owned hospitals in the state, especially now that the needs have arisen.”

DrIkpelinwa, then, appealed for incentives for health workers — a kind of motivation to encourage the workers to do more as front liners in the fight against the virus.

“I think we are going to win this war, if ndiAnambra will abide to measures outlined by government.

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