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World Health Day 2020: WHO celebrates nurses, midwives



TODAY is World Health Day. World Health Organization (WHO) observes World Health Day on  April 7,every year to acknowledge the contribution of doctors, nurses and other health workers .

This year’s celebration is very important as the whole world is currently facing a health crisis as we fight the coronavirus pandemic, which healthcare professionals are the frontline soldiers.

The theme of World Health Day 2020, ‘Support Nurses and Midwives’ tends to generate attention towards their contribution during the COVID-19 outbreak. The World Health Day will “highlight the current status of nursing around the world”.

 WHO began observing the World Health Day on 7 April from 1950. The need for a World Health Day was discussed in the First Health Assembly in 1948. Now, every World Health Day focuses on a certain key area in the healthcare system and aims to develop it.

Through this initiative, significant growth has been brought to the fields of “mental health, maternal and child care and climate change”.

WHO also pledges to make a “series of recommendations to strengthen” the nursing and midwifery workforce.

The year 2020 has also been designated by the World Health Assembly as the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife.

The World Health Day is observed to celebrate the efforts put in by nurses and midwives, and “remind world leaders of the critical role [that] they play in keeping the world healthy”.

 WHO also released a ‘State of the World’s Nursing Report 2020’ which provides the “most up-to-date evidence on and policy options for the global nursing workforce”. The report also makes the case for higher investment in nursing education, jobs and leadership.

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