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Woman narrates ordeal with ‘one-chance’ robbers in Awka



ARMED robbers operating with commercial buses to rob commuters of their belonging in Awka, Anambra State have been spotted.

  Revealing the antics of these criminal elements to National Light, a victim of their operations, who simply identified herself as Anita said that not all the buses posing as commercial vehicles on duty were genuinely providing such services to unsuspecting public but use the guise to rob innocent citizens of their belongs.

  Narrating her experience in the hands of these hoodlums, she stated, ” my friend and I boarded a yellow and black coloured bus from  Temporary Site with the intention of going to Eke-Awka. On getting to Kwata bridge, the driver took to the top of the flyover instead of the under.   I told them that I was not going to Amawbia rather Eke-Awka but they ignored me and continued moving ahead.

  “We immediately sensed danger and I began to scream for them to stop but they only increased the speed of their vehicle. On getting to  Rocklandview Estate area, just after the Road Safety Office, the driver started fondling under his seat muttering, my gun and ordering everybody to surrender their belongings quietly if they want to remain safe.   We screamed but four other members of this gang whom we mistook for fellow passengers descended on us, robbed us cleanly of our belongings, pushed us out of the vehicle and zoomed off.”

  She added that she wanted to throw her phone out of the vehicle through the window but she couldn’t because all the windows and doors were shut.

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