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Face mask not sufficient to prevent coronavirus pandemic – NCDC



AS MANY states now embark on total shutdown, Nigerians have been warned to maintain social distancing coupled with face mask to contain the spread of the Virus.

  Reacting on the advice by governors that face mask alone can prevent the virus’ spread, the Director General of Nigeria centre for Disease Control (NCDC) warned that using only the face mask is not a cure or a strategy to curbing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DrIhekweazu who gave the warning at the ninth joint national briefing of Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 said it was better to keep physical distance.

  “It is safe, better to keep physical distance of two meters as this plays a critical role in reducing the spread considering that the country is among the most densely populated.

  “Even when we announce the decision on face mask, the masks are not going to solve the problem. There have been some messages around the country seeming to imply that wearing a mask makes all the other means no longer necessary”.

  He said that face mask is an advisory offer which will be an addition to every other measure.

  He explained that it is the people’s closeness to each other that enable the virus to transmit from one person to another.

  He advocated physical distance and urged the citizenry to obey the sit at home directives.

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