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More nations extend COVID-19 lockdown as global toll tops 2m



MORE countries have extended their COVID-19 lockdown orders in continuation of their campaign to contain the pandemic from spreading further as global confirmed cases passes two million.

  Apart from Nigeria which added two more weeks to restrictions in Lagos, and Ogun States as well as Abuja, Turkey also continued by renewing  its own lockdown  this week.

  India and France have equally followed suit.

  While Indian Prime Minister, NarendraModi, announced in a nationwide broadcast Tuesday that lockdown would run through May 3 after number of infections in India rose beyond 10,300, French President Emmanuel Macron extended France’s lockdown till May 11 in a late Monday televised address.

“On the French mainland and in France’s overseas territories, the system is under tension and the epidemic is not yet under control. We must therefore continue our efforts and continue to apply the rules. The more they are respected, the more lives will be saved,” Macron said.

By far the most cases have been found in the United States, which accounts for about 600,000 known infections with New York as hardest-hit.

There are about 106,000 cases in New York City and 195,000 cases in the entire state, more than Spain or Italy. But Governor Andrew Cuomo declared Monday the “worst is over,” but only if New Yorkers “continue to be smart going forward.” 

California was one of the earliest states to tell people to stay home. Governor Gavin Newsom plans to announce Tuesday his administration’s plans for starting to resume normal life.

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