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5G… antichrist behind COVID-19 pandemic



An article, reportedly written by a former executive of a leading global telecommunication firm condemning the 5G and linking it to Coronavirus pandemic which has been trending in social media is in the centre of the controversy.

 THIS article may be long but it is a must read for those who wish to survive these evil days. What is really occurring with this Coronavirus?

This is going to be difficult for people to accept. But let me tell you categorically, factually and scientifically, Coronavirus is not the problem.

It is questionable whether it is even a contagious disease in the contest of a disease that is spreading from person to person.

  What we are seeing are symptoms of a virus. What we are not aware of is what is causing those symptoms. This has nothing to do with biological warfare or any other kind of stuff you might be hearing about on the internet.

Those are lies spread to distract us from the truth. What you see is the bodies of people reacting to what is known as radio spectrum radiation or radio frequency radiations. I know that sounds bizarre. But let me tell you scientifically what is happening and then I will tell you contextually why it is happening. I will also tell you what we can do about it.

 Origin And Cause of Coronavirus

  Globally, I was the head of the largest business unit at Vodafone Telecommunications Headquarters at Newbury England between 2013 – 2015. I was privy to a number of the new technologies that was coming in the pipe that was going to be implemented.

Namely, the internet of things and secondly, the 5G technology. I knew a long time ago that 5G was dangerous, but I didn’t understand the correlation with the Coronavirus, which I now do. And I want to explain that to you.

  What is happening now is that there is a deliberate strategy to install the 5G Network, which is the 5th generation internet radio spectrum frequencies that enables mobile phones, smart phones and all devices to function at much faster processing ability.

And with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the internet of things where all devices will be connected, whether it is your car, phones, refrigerator, electricity, etc.; your house is all going to be on the smart grid. This is effectively a type of matrix, unfortunately.

  So what is happening is that this technology has to be rolled out globally. The company I used to work for and ran their largest worldwide business unit is Vodafone. Vodafone are in partnership with Huawei a Chinese Telecommunications company.

They have been rolling out a systematic implementation of the 5G Network in multiple locations around the world.   What is the relevance of this 5G frequency they are using?

  I also ran my own telecommunications company that specialized in radio spectrum with this ability to take external signals from satellites into buildings.

So that the frequency on the building and the power you experience on your phone inside your house is the same as you experience outside the building. When mobile networks were created initially, they thought people would be using it only when they are on the road.

That’s why they were called mobile phones. But actually people use their mobile phones inside their houses, where the signals were not strong enough to penetrate the buildings. This is called radio spectrum.

  There are different megahertz frequencies and the 5G frequency is a very high frequency. In fact, it is just below the classification of a weapon. And I will tell you why.

The 5G frequency is 10 times faster than the 4G. Unfortunately when the 5G comes into connection with the human body, it causes cell poisoning.  So our bodies try to fight the radiation that is in the form of cell poisoning caused by this 5G frequency radiation.

As a result, our bodies excrete the toxins with some proteins, DNA and RNA from our cells in the form of a chemical which is called “virus”.

  Most diseases are also excretion from cells that we are trying to push out of our body and they will exit through the orifices of the body.

Now what is happening is that the 5G frequency and power, which like I said is 10 times stronger than the 4G is reacting adversely with human cells in our bodies by poisoning them. And as a result our natural defence mechanism the human body is pushing out that toxin which comes out in the form of a virus.

So what you are seeing happening to people in most parts of the world is not any Coronavirus per se, but cell poisoning caused by 5G frequency, manifesting with fluids, chemicals and viruses that the body is trying to dispose off because it is harmful to it.

  So all these are occurring around the world and I hear your mind thinking how that could be possible. I will explain. Like I said, all that is occurring in the world now is a reaction of human bodies to the electrification of the universe to the 5G satellites,  5G Towers and 5G Cells that have populated major cities around the world.

This is what is causing the pandemic. The scam called Coronavirus is the largest global cover-up in history.  In actual fact, what the world is experiencing now is the impact on human beings caused by technological advancement.

So what is happening is not Coronavirus, but a virus produced by body cell poisoning which is really a measure of affected cells excreting toxins caused by exposure of the body to 5G ultra high frequency. This is what is killing people.

I will give you some facts that will hopefully make you to understand what I am trying to say here.

  Why Did Coronavirus Start In Wuhan China?

  One of the first cities Vodafone, Huawei and some other telecoms companies installed some of the ubiquitous blanket technology is Wuhan China, where this so-called Coronavirus supposedly started in a fish market. That is complete nonsense.

The truth is that it started as a result of the ultra high radioactive or radio frequency creating radiations that were toxic to the human cells. That’s why people were falling over and dying in the streets, etc.

So they were trying to cover it up. And because it has a fluid type characteristic, they are using the fake story of a Coronavirus to try and hide the true fact that people are dying from the ultra high 5G frequency. Note that when installed, it takes over 6 months before the 5G frequency can start impacting on the human cells, and that is what happened in Wuhan.

  There are other major cities that also rolled out the 5G Network last year. Obviously, Wuhan was the first city, then Spain rolled out 5G, Italy also rolled out 5G, etc.

Now we are seeing an uncommon level of deaths because of the high level 5G penetrations in these countries.

Italy has had more deaths than any other country because it is densely populated with 5G and the older generation doesn’t have the strong immune system to fight it.

So Italy has rolled it out, Spain has rolled it out; most major cities have rolled it out around the world. In countries, London is one of the biggest CCTV centers and obviously they are in the process of rolling out 5G.

  What is the relevance of all these? The relevance is that the Coronavirus is not what is killing people now. It is clearly, categorically, unequivocally and scientifically proven that the radio frequency that these people are being exposed to is what is killing them.

  Agenda Behind The Installation Of The Ultra High 5G Network Frequency

  Why they are allowing all these people to die is because of their multiple agendas. Primarily because the 5G is the only network with the speed to handle the future and where we are going rapidly is a world run by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the internet of things where everything is interconnected on the internet.

A new global currency is coming out, that is why I have been pushing for what I have been pushing for the last 5 years for Africa to create it’s own system of currency, to combat what was coming. In addition, there will also be driverless cars and a number of different gadgets that basically need to run on 5G.

All these are in line with what the Book of Daniel 12:4 said that in the last days, knowledge shall be increased. Do you know we are already in those last days?

  Based on this, they can’t reverse the implementation of these technologies and they are happy to sacrifice millions of lives around the world to Satan in order to get them running. Just to prove the point further, the Cruise ships were installed with 5G and the people quarantined on those Cruise ship were getting sick because of the 5G.

Some hospitals have 5G, major cities have 5G, airports have 5G, and these are places where people will automatically get sick if they are exposed to the inordinate levels of radiation caused by 5G radio spectrum poisoning.

  Origin Of The Three Pandemics of The Last Century

  We have had three Pandemics in the last 120 years. The first pandemic was in 1918 which was called the Spanish Flu Pandemic. However, that pandemic was caused as a result of their implementing radio waves globally and increasing electrification of our universe.

Millions of people died 6 months later as a result of the pandemic they called Spanish Flu. A few years later and after World War 2, another pandemic broke out which was caused by the implementation of radar equipment.

 During that period also, global satellites were launched to what they call the Van Allen Belt in space. This is basically where they send satellites. When that was implemented, there were a number of deaths from a pandemic. The last major pandemic was in 1968 which was called the Hong Kong Flu.

This also broke out when they rolled out another level of satellite penetration in the Van Allen Belt, where over 100,000 satellites were transmitting radar signals to radar fields in the cosmic field. These were satellites that were pushing telecommunications and radio communication.

  So we had radio waves first at the beginning of the century and then the implementation of radar equipment and telecommunications satellites. All these caused pandemics that killed multiple millions of people. The last one like, I said, was in 1968. So guess what is happening now.

 They have rolled out 5G and this is impacting on people’s lives. Killing thousands around the world and they are covering it up in the name of Coronavirus, like they did with previous pandemics.

This is a fact. Please go and do your own research on this.  Study 5G and the implications of its implementation. And just to help you further, one of the countries, which is a huge country that has millions of people with cold weather, which is Russia has had no fatalities in the area of the so-called Coronavirus, why?

This is because they have not implemented 5G on a public use yet.  They have only implemented it for the exclusive use by the military; hence they have had no deaths.

  To prove the point further, you are seeing in the news now that people without underlying health issues or compromised immune systems are now falling sick and dying of Coronavirus.  That makes no sense.

The reason they are dying is because of the 5G radiation which doesn’t discriminate between the old and young. Both succumb to the power of 5G radiation. This is the fact of what is really happening.

  This is part of their strategy because of the importance of 5G and this is a global phenomenon that cannot be reversed. 

So please understand that there is a lot more information I can give you. But please do your own research as there are a lot of articles on the impact of 5G on the internet.

  Secret Purpose Of The 5G Network Frequency

So the question is, where is this going and why are they doing this? We now know the technological reasons behind the 5G. They need it for a robust, scalable, fast and capable internet that can handle the professing of information about all of your movement, journeys, banking transactions, identification, CCTV camera monitoring of activities around the world, etc.

They need visibility on what everyone is doing. But the primary reason is beyond that. What they are doing which is luciferic and satanic, is that they are implementing 3 new strategies which are: 1) Vaccines   2) RFID chips   3) Global Digital Currency.

  Way Out

What does the Body of Christ need to do now? What do we do? First, we must repent from our evil ways and change our worldly gods like money (mammon) back to the living God. This is the time for the Kingdom remnant, who have been prepared for this time, to come together. We need to unite as Christians.

  This is the time the people who were not feeding into the church normal restrictions, who have got all these assignments and mandate beyond the church, will be repositioned. This the defining moment for the Kingdom of God to rectify the things that are going wrong in the Body of Christ.

Very soon you will see a collaboration around the world as people will come together to combine their resources and collaborate to make a positive change; by creating alternative platforms/systems. I have been working on this for 5 years and there are a number of people around the world who are doing the same.

  Secondly, you will see a change of the entire world religious system. One of the reasons why there has been a ubiquitous shut down of worship, prayer and congregation of religious organizations is because they are making way spiritually for the Antichrist. When we pray and worship corporately, we create a frequency, a vibration, a move of God that disrupts their satanic agenda.

So they have shut down worship and prayer gatherings to pave way for the Antichrist to come to the fore. Otherwise he would have been restricted by the universal concert of prayers and worship of God’s people.

This is what the Bible is saying in 2 Thessalonians 2: 6-8 that as soon as the corporate prayers and worship of the Body of Christ is removed, the Man of Sin (Antichrist) shall be revealed. And this scripture is being fulfilled now.

  So what is happening now is deliberate. It is not because of the Coronavirus contagion that we can’t congregate, but because they have to systematically dismantle for the first time in human history the corporate gathering of the religious people to pray and worship.

This is because their prayers and worship changes the spiritual atmosphere so they can’t have power to achieve their aim if that continues. I wouldn’t doubt if there are sacrifices going on behind the scenes as well to empower them for this move.

However it is clear that all the people dying now from the 5G induced Coronavirus pandemic are also being sacrificed for this purpose. They are moving very fast and within a matter of weeks we are going to be shocked by the revelation and implementation of these things.

  The vaccines will come in a matter of months if not days. The new global digital currency will follow suit. The whole new economic system, which I have created one that I am going to implement as a strategy to counter what they have, will also emerge.

I have been prophesying this for 15 years that the Kingdom of God needs its own economic system. We have been working on the blueprint of God to advance His Kingdom, to save souls and to preserve posterity.

  In conclusion, the best thing we can do now is to raise our own frequency by living a clean life in righteousness and removing anything from our bodies that affect the flow of God’s Spirit upon our lives.

The only counter we have is prayer and worship which creates its own force field of frequency. Heaven’s frequency will protect you to a large degree, as God is working on His own strategy He is going to implement to save us.

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