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Coronavirus, not end-time – Cleric



THE break of COVID-19 global pandemic since last December, has elicited fears and worries among the nations of the globe as many believed it’s the end-time, signifying the coming of Jesus Christ.

  Resident pastor, Dominion City, Enugwu-Agidi, Pastor Charles Olisaemeka has explained that the coronavirus pandemic is not the end of the world, but a process that would usher in the coming of Jesus.

  The pastor, who disclosed this in an interview  with National Light cited the book of Matthew chapter 24 where Jesus listed some of the signs of His coming to include; wars, rumours of wars, natural disasters; pestilence, among others.

  He explained that the coronavirus is among the pestilences the Bible spoke about, stressing that whenever God wants to bring a generation to an end, He don’t just destroy it rather He allows a situation through which He brings people back to himself.

  “God is sending a notice to the world that they have gone too far from him but he doesn’t want a sinner to perish. This is not actually the end of the world but the end is not far from now.

“God wants to draw the attention of the Church to its purpose.”

  On the banning of social gathering, including the church by the federal and state governmentss, Pastor Olisaemeka who applauded the decision of government, said that the present day church should understand the ways of the early church who gather in homes and small groups for fellowship and leverage on such strategy to reach out to a lot of people who cannot go to a central place of worship.

  He then urged Christians not to lose focus of what God is doing for this situation calls for sober reflection, people to acknowledge the Almighty God and repent from their ways, seek His face, for Him to heal the land.

  He advised the public to adhere to government’s directives which is meant to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

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