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INTERPOL traces €1.5m face mask fraud to Nigerians, others



 A €1.5 million fraud over the sale of face masks against COVID-19 pandemic has been traced to Nigerians by the INTERPOL.

  According to a statement by Interpol Secretary General, Jürgen Stock, compromised emails were used by the “highly sophisticated fraudsters who also had  centres in Germany, Ireland and the Netherland. It was a deal to supply face masks which was not fulfilled.

Contacts involved in the scheme spread across the countries cited. INTERPOL adding that the suspects used a compromised email address linked to a legitimate company in Spain that sells face masks and a fake website.

  “The company initially claimed to have 10 million masks, only for the delivery to fall through. As consolation, they then referred the buyers to a ‘trusted’ dealer in Ireland. The Irish middleman promised to put them in touch with a different supplier, this time in the Netherlands.

  Claiming to have a strong commercial relationship with the company, the man provided assurances that the alleged Dutch company would be able to supply the 10 million face masks.

An agreement for an initial delivery of 1.5 million masks was made, in exchange for an up-front payment of €1.5 million,” INTERPOL said.

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