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Pastor Oyakhilome denounces his linking of 5G with COVID-19



PRESIDENT of Love World Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has recanted his claim that the introduction of 5G network was responsible for the coronavirus pandemic.

  The cleric however still cited “perceived health risks” and called out authorised regulators for their seeming silence to address its advantages and disadvantages.

  The comments had generated heated debate among Nigerians, Senior Pastor of Kingsway, Matthew Ashimolowo, along with other clerics debunked Oyakhilome’s claims.

  Oyakhilome had controversially alleged that 5G – the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies supporting cellular data networks – was initiated to facilitate a “new world order.”

  But in a video shared on social media on Sunday, Oyakhilome, stated that he was only opposed to the initiative because of its perceived health risks and the seeming silence of authorised regulators to address its advantages and disadvantages.

  He said, “I have to look at my calling as a priority and I’m into the healing ministry. You may be a pastor or a minister and not be into the healing ministry, this may not concern you. I’m a science and technology enthusiast. I love technology.

  “Just studying the capabilities of the 5G makes me, like, ‘Wow! I’d like to go on it like tomorrow morning. I’d like to start it right away.’ But at the same time, I’m into healing; I know what it means for people to be sick. I meet with sick people all the time. And so, no matter how interested I am in the 5G, I’m going to put health first.

  “Are there health risks? What are the health implications? Those are my concerns and I became even more concerned when I found out that regulators didn’t seem to care much in looking into the details and the cause of the independent scientists and experts, medical doctors.

  “If there are health risks, they should be fixed. We want to go on extraordinary technology but we must also consider all the health implications,” he added.

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