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Covid-19 Lockdown: How I saved Anambra from bloodshed —Ebube Muonso



The Spiritual Director of the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Uke, Anambra State, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma (a.k.a Fr. Ebube Muonso) has revealed his role in averting further massacre that would have resulted from the recent clash between Police patrol team and Nkpor youths in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra.

   It would be recalled that that police patrol team enforcing lockdown order by Governor Willie Obiano shot and killed two youths, a twenty-year-old boy at New Tyre market, Nkpor near Onitsha, and another youth who died at the hospital which led to protests by youths.

Though, the Anambra state police command in a statement signed by Mohammed Haruna, the PPRO on behalf of the State Commissioner of Police, CP John Abang dismissed the allegations, but rather alleged that the youths attacked the police patrol team unprovoked with substance suspected to be acid.

Police alleged further that some miscreants tried to snatch some police rifles from the operatives. He noted that a discreet investigation into the immediate and remote causes of the protest was on.

The protesting youths were heading to set the Ogidi Police Station with anger burning inside them before they ran into Fr. Ebube Mounso who pleaded with them to discontinue their journey as it was a dangerous venture.

Before the youths got to where they met Fr. Ebube Muonso, he had met a crack team of the Nigerian police battle ready to defend the Ogidi police station at all cost even if it warrants opening fire on the protesters.

The policemen have already mobilized to shoot the protesting youths hence Fr. Ebube Muonso came out from his vehicle and appealed to the youths to discontinue their mission to avoid wasting further human lives that were sacred.

Confirming what he told the protesting youths at Ogidi when he addressed them in the middle of the road, Rev. Fr. Ebube Muonso said God used him to avoid massacre of the protesting youths as it would have been bloody in Anambra that Wednesday.

His words: “I was going to my School in Obosi when I ran into heavy police and mobile police crack team along the road near Ogidi Area Command.

“The Area commander asked me to intervene as they had a serious issue to contend with. He told me youths were heading to burn the Police station. I agreed to speak with the youths.

“Let me tell you that we had the highest miracle in Anambra that Wednesday, because the hundreds of youths I saw would have put Anambra State on fire. How many would police kill before they got closer to them if they had proceeded? It would have been bloody indeed, but God did the highest miracle in the state using me.

“I bumped into the protesting youths. They were several  battalions marching to Ogidi. I parked in the middle of the road. They filled the entire road. I waved at them and they all knelt down. I prayed for them and after that I told them they must go back because the protest to Ogidi would turn disasterous. I told them more lives would be lost if they did not go back.

“I started conscientizing them on the danger ahead and that the police man who shot and killed those youths will not go unpunished.”

Fr Ebube Muonso concludes, “To the glory of God, they listened to me and behaved as if they were remote controlled. God intervened because it was not going to be only burning down Ogidi police station, many lives would be lost and there would be tumoil in Anambra state that day”.

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